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  • MT News - September 2009 - Two New Minis From Ford?

MT News - September 2009 - Two New Minis From Ford?

From The Inside Out

Mike Alexander
Sep 1, 2009
Contributors: Ben Da Pirate
Photo 2/3   |   two New Minis From Ford ford Hvt 101
Two New Minis From Ford?
Ford Motor Company is not out of the game when it comes to minitrucks and midsize compact trucks and announced they will be offering two new trucks by the 2011 model year. The first, code named P525 and might be badged as the F-100, will not be sporting a V-8 like its big brother. It is slated to be offered with four-cylinder and V-6 EcoBoost (gas direct injection and turbocharged) engines. The second mini from the Blue Oval boys is the replacement Ranger, code named T6, which will be the direct replacement for the current Ranger platform. Details are slim on the T6, except that it will be built at plants in Thailand, South Africa, and Mexico. As more details are released, you'll be hearing from us. Now, the real question is, who will be the first to put one of these puppies on the ground over some big wheels?
Photo 3/3   |   two New Minis From Ford custom License Plates
MiniTrucker Custom Plates
We decided it was time to properly outfit our office and show off for all the visitors and other magazines that aren't quite as cool as us, but we need your help. We want to decorate wall-to-wall with custom license plates from every state and from around the world. So each month we will be featuring a cool custom plate that one of our generous readers was kind enough to donate to the cause. The creativity that goes into some of these one-of-a-kind plates is amazing. If you would like to help out, email us at mini.truckin@sorc.com for all the details. This month's plate was donated by Jason Koski from Port Charlotte, Florida and reads something that we all know and love: DRP N DRG.
Fast 411
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