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  • Letters To The Editor - Ask The Experts - December 2009

Letters To The Editor - Ask The Experts - December 2009

Ask The Experts

Mike Finnegan
Dec 1, 2009
Photographers: Charlie Hayward
Black is Beautiful
I love it when I see an interior shot of a truck and all of the gauges match. It looks very nice and clean. That's how I want my truck to look but I'm running into a problem with the gauges. I'm trying to find some black-face gauges for my air system, however my air tank gauge needs to go to 200 psi and I can't seem to find a single-needle gauge that goes beyond 160 psi. I found one through Glowshift, but they don't sell dual-needle gauges and I kind of want all my gauges from the same company. My other two current gauges, one for the front and one for the back, are dual-needle and go to 200 psi even though when the bags are inflated they don't go past 160 psi. Is there any help I can get with this? Also, at night, I want the colors to be the same, to include my main gauge cluster behind the wheel. Can this be accomplished by simply changing all the light bulbs? Thanks for any help!
Via email
This is a tough one. We can find you analog dual needle gauges from Viair ( with black faces that will read up to 220 psi, but the single needle gauges only go to 160 psi. Most of the other gauges on the market have white faces, or just one needle, or don't have a large enough scale for the pressure you're running. So you can simply buy three dual needle gauges from Viair and just have one dead needle for the gauge that shows your air tank pressure or you could buy a set of digital gauges from Dakota Digital ( The company makes gauges that will show the pressure in all four airbags and the reserve tank on one gauge and will measure up to 400 psi. The gauges are available in traditional round configuration or square as well.
Right to the Point
I'd like to know the backspacing on the Boyd Coddington wheels used on the Stealth Bomber project vehicle. Thanks and I love your magazine.
Jake Shepherd
Via email
Photo 5/9   |   ask The Experts December 2009 wheel And Tire
The Stealth Bomber rode on 22x9 Boyd Coddington Impact wheels with 5.8-inches of backspacing and a 15mm offset. The tires rarely rubbed with this offset even over rough stuff and the turning radius was perfect so the rim fitment was right on the money.
What A Waste
I love the mag and wouldn't change a thing. I'm writing to you in regards to the Cash for Clunkers program. This is a nightmare for any car or truck collector. Instead of putting these cars to good use, they are crushing them and not salvaging parts. There are rumors of sand in transmissions, holes being drilled in engine blocks, and that's only the half of it. We need to make people aware of what's going on. Sure it's nice for people who need a car, but at what cost? Here is a prime example of the madness this government incentive is causing. I was talking with a man who runs a crusher in Indiana. A Ford dealership brought him 12 cars to be crushed. One of these was a 1994 F150 Flareside with a 302 that only had 50,000 miles on it. These trucks are hard to find parts for in my area. Maybe I'm just ranting, but what's going to be left after we destroy our automotive heritage. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Thomas Reed
Via email
Photo 6/9   |   ask The Experts December 2009 cartoon
I couldn't agree with you more. We are going to systematically lose thousands of parts that could be used in restorations of older trucks. Engines that could replace worn ones or be used for cores are being needlessly destroyed. Check out the Front Page news item that describes how each engine must be permanently disabled and you'll get sick to your stomach!
Sponsors Needed?
I have this truck that I want to get sponsored or to help to put it out there. It's a one-of-a-kind '53 GMC truck that has two chassis under it. The bottom is an '06 chassis and the top chassis balances on an 8-inch bearing. This truck lifts up and turns 360 degrees clockwise and counter-clockwise. While it's turning in the air, you can drive it from the bottom and when it's down you can drive it from inside like a normal truck. It has Magnavox 32-inch plasma TV in the back and the whole audio system is MA Audio with a Sony head unit and Savv DVD player that is located in the bottom chassis. The upholstery is blue leather and ostrich. The rims are 20s from RBP (Rolling Big Power). The motor is a 1996 350ci V-8 Chevy engine with a 700R4 tranny. You can visit my web page at to see all of my work and there is a video of the truck.
Via email
Photo 7/9   |   ask The Experts December 2009 1953 Gmc Truck
Well Victor, judging by the powdercoated chassis it looks like your truck is pretty much finished so I'm not sure what kind of sponsorship you are asking for or really need. If you just want to show off your truck then we can certainly help with that right here.
Side Steppin'
I'm in the process of a frame-off resto' on a '92 GMC Sonoma and have to replace the bed. This gives me the opportunity to do something I've wanted to do for awhile, which is a small stepside. Is there anyone making a kit for this or am I on my own? I have been a subscriber since '03 and enjoy the mag a lot. Keep up the good work.
Via email
Boy the early '90s would have been a great time to do this mod. Back in the day, Choo Choo Customs offered a custom fiberglass bed that bolted right on and gave you a smooth floor, molded tailgate and Corvette taillights. There were other companies that also offered stepside beds in steel too. None of them are being produced today, but we see them pop up from time to time on eBay, Craigslist and other Internet search engines. The other option is to buy a '73-to-'87 Chevy fullsize truck bed and start cutting it up to fit the dimensions of your S-10. It won't be easy, but for the most part those beds are flat and square, making the cutting and welding part a little bit easier. Also, those beds are more easily located and purchased for peanuts.
Photo 8/9   |   ask The Experts December 2009 chevy Truck
Trim for the Ranger
I have read your mag for several years and seen it go through many changes. I must say that it's better now than before, most notably the Garage section. I would like to see more info on working with today's computer-controlled trucks. This is a major hurdle in modifying anything made after 1990. Now for the big question: I have a 2004 Ford Ranger and am looking for body accessories like a front spoiler, hood ect. While there are a million S-10 parts out there, there isn't much for models after 2001. I have checked most of your advertiser's web sites with no luck. Any suggestions would be appreciated. If all else fails, I guess I will fabricate my own.
SSG Wilson , US Army (Ret)
Via email
You're in luck, sir. Stylin' Trucks ( carries a really cool Xenon bumper cover with a mesh insert and openings for fog lights for $394 as well as a number of inexpensive hood scoops to customize your factory hood. Trifecta Offroad ( also offers a fiberglass version of the popular Ford Ranger Edge hood for $395 as well.
Hottie Needs Work
My name is Jaime Thompson and I am a bikini/car model. Tonight I purchased your magazine and noticed to my surprise that I'm on page 88 from a car show in North Carolina (I'm the blonde in red in pigtail braids). Since that car show I have done so much work and I have a lot of modeling opportunities coming my way. I am writing you to find out how to be a pin-up girl. I'm very outgoing, and easy to work with, especially since I love cars and trucks. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.
Jaime Thompson
Via email
Photo 9/9   |   ask The Experts December 2009 girls
Jamie,Thank you for dropping us a line. We are always looking for pretty girls to put next to these custom trucks. The fact you actually like cars and trucks is even better. If you would like to be considered for the pin-up please email a few photos to Calin ( and he will contact you from there.



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