In case you guys haven't noticed, we've picked up the Busted Knuckles department that was started at our sister publication, Sport Truck. In the past, Truckin' has only featured completed trucks because there are so many quality trucks out there to choose from that are 100-percent finished. Besides, if a truck is just an audio system or paintjob away from being at its best, and the owner is already planning to wrap it up, we'd prefer to wait. It gives the owner and the reader the best photos possible. However, the Busted Knuckles section should benefit everyone: Truck builders get to show off their creativity and their rendering, and hopefully it keeps the owner, as well as you, the reader, motivated to finish the project and see it in our pages when it's finished. What about us? We get to educate people on what goes into a feature truck and the chance to shoot suspension and fabrication that's usually hidden by the time a truck is finished. So, if you guys are out there with under-construction trucks featuring awesome fabrication, send us an email or check out the show calendar to see where you can find us in person, because we're always looking for something new. To see all of this insane GMC Sierra, don't miss next month's Busted Knuckles feature.