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  • Blessings And Beatings - Sport Truck Magazine - Number 11

Blessings And Beatings - Sport Truck Magazine - Number 11

Dan Ward
Nov 1, 2010
Photographers: Brandan Gillogly
I love angry people. Opening up an email and reading expletives, seeing multiple exclamation points (which really do provide good visual emphasis), and trudging through someone's moment of anger isn't the best way to start one's day. To put things in perspective, here is an edited version of what disgruntled reader Floyd recently sent me: "Morons! I do not appreciate you idiots canceling Sport Truck and replacing my subscription with Truckin'!"
Photo 2/2   |   blessings And Beatings custom Ford Truck
Calling me a moron isn't the best way to get me to listen to you, but perhaps we haven't done a good job of explaining what happened to Sport Truck magazine, so here it goes. Unless you've been living under a rock, you know our great country is suffering through horrible economic times and like all businesses, we have to make money. Sport Truck's editors did a great job putting out a mag that fit a go-fast, DIY niche. Unfortunately, like many companies in the last two years, the accountants had a hard time keeping it profitable and chose to close its doors. The editors of Truckin' and Sport Truck had no control over the situation, and all of us feel horrible about a great title no longer being printed. Floyd, the suits opted to provide subscribers of Sport Truck with Truckin' rather than just taking your money and getting nothing in return. Would you prefer a soap opera magazine, or perhaps a title with tricks for grooming your Chihuahua? I know we are two different titles with two different styles, however, we do provide tech installs for making your truck go faster, features with high-horsepower engines, and an online community that is unmatched by any other truck mag.
We can't make everybody happy, but I can assure you, much like our attitudes about the economy, we're going to keep on truckin'. Hundreds of thousands of readers each month make the choice to support and read Truckin' and we appreciate that $5.99 sacrifice. You'll notice familiar names in this and future issues, as we continue our relationship with the old staff of Sport Truck. Mike Finnegan's Chevy C10 build is the latest example of crossover stories we're running. Also, as we continue to look at ways to provide you with more content, we've transformed our Coming Next Month section at the end of the magazine into an easily-torn-out bonus calendar. You'll find a stunning image of the best truck in each issue and a calendar to keep track of how many more days until the next issue is available.
As a side note, this month's cover truck may be the cleanest and baddest dualie built to date. It's hard to argue against it with its hot-rod class, creative ingenuity, and he tows with it every weekend. For the full story, go to page 88.
If you have comments, suggestions, or you want to send an expletive-filled email, you can send it to
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