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  • Blessings And Beatings - SEMA Show - Number 13

Blessings And Beatings - SEMA Show - Number 13

Dan Ward
Dec 1, 2010
Photographers: Dan Ward
According to our print schedule, you should be reading this around October 19, and according to the last 8 years, I should be getting ready for the SEMA show. Should is the key word in that sentence, as I'm not getting ready to go. I have something more important than SEMA. For a magazine editor to say that, you better believe whatever "it" is, it's important. Around October 19, rather than cleaning camera gear, breaking in my walking shoes, and making room on my Corporate AmEx card, I'll be setting up the crib, stacking the newborn diapers, and getting my home ready for the newest member of the Truckin' family-my son Baby JJ.
Photo 2/2   |   blessings And Beatings Sema Show custom Truck
I've had several people ask me, "What are you going to do, go to Vegas for a couple days and then head home?" And I've even heard this one, "So, you're going to tell the wife 'Good Luck' and go to SEMA anyways, right?" I'd be lying if I told you the thought hadn't crossed my mind, but not because of getting away from my wife and family, but rather to check out the beautiful chaos of the world's best car and truck show. The thought of going to the show was a fleeting one, and I never really considered missing the birth of my first child-after all, the wife wouldn't really be pleased if I left to go check out trucks for a week.
During a recent scare at the hospital, I quickly realized what truly is important in life. In those tense, chest-thumping moments, I didn't care about squeaking out 750 hp out of my LSX376, or switching over to Nitto's new NT05R drag radial, and I didn't really concern myself with the magazine's print deadline. All I wanted was the best for what matters most-my wife and son. During this fast-paced world we all fly through, it often times takes scary moments for us to truly stop, reflect, and gather ourselves. Trucks are cool, truck magazines are great, but I've been blessed with an amazing family and they come first, always.
If you're at SEMA, take some extra photos for me and be sure to ogle all of the wildly customized trucks, and if like me, you didn't make it to the show, log on to truckinweb.com for a huge photo gallery of the event.
The wife and I are still going back and forth whether Baby JJ would want to go home from the hospital in mom's SUV or dad's supercharged Project Novakane truck. What do you think? Yeah, me too.
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