It’s that time of year again. Show season is ramping up and its time to get your trucks ready for their big show debut. You can check out our show calendar to see where we’ll be if you want to make it nice and easy for one of Truckin’s editors to check out your finished or under-construction ride and possibly get photographed for a feature. If you want to make it really easy on us, send me an email at the above address and show us what you’re working on along with a rendering if you’ve got one. Keep in mind that we here at Truckin’ are expanding our focus to include more driving-oriented trucks and we’ll have more tech to help you enjoy your trucks every day in addition to the custom tech that helps your truck stand out at shows. No matter how you enjoy your truck, whether it’s at a show, on the street, or on a track, we want to help you on your path, so keep the comments, questions, and project updates headed our way.