We’ve got the entrants for our second annual Throwdown competition all but locked in. Unfortunately, we’ve had to turn trucks away this year because we’ve only got the manpower to get photo and video coverage of a dozen trucks. We wanted to be sure that each truck got its share of the coverage, especially considering some would be making the trek across country. There were a few oddball vehicles that we would have probably let compete, but they made the choice easy by not being available to make the trip. Maybe next year we’ll know for sure how some of the nation’s top performance trucks would have stacked up against the likes of a FWD unibody Volkswagen pickup or an El Camino, but the whole point of Throwdown is to prove that with the right parts and the right driver, a truck can put down impressive numbers that would make a muscle car proud. Would allowing a car-based truck into the competition defeat the purpose? I don’t think so. The challenges are still the same, and El Caminos are like the red-headed stepchild of the Chevelle world. OK, maybe that’s a little harsh. Monte Carlos are the red-headed stepchild, but El Caminos are still a bit of an underdog, and everybody loves an underdog. Next year we might be able to expand Throwdown even further, so who knows what we’ll be able to welcome into the fold.