In the last month I’ve driven more than 2,500 miles in a handful of lowered trucks, and next month should be more of the same. I can’t count the number of times during those 2,500 miles that I cringed as I piloted a truck with low-profile tires over what passes for a California highway. Expansion joints that rattle fillings and giant potholes that threaten to dent a wheel or demolish a tire are a daily hazard. It’s almost enough to make me turn my back on 35- and 40-series tires, at least for a daily driver. In fact, now that I think about it, the lifted truck I drove to help Dan shoot this month’s cover wasn’t so bad, and I do miss being able to head off the pavement when the need or desire arises. I’ve got one lowered truck in the planning stages that I’m getting excited about, but after that, I might have to head back to the lifted side of things. It’s either that, or I wait for the state budget to get sorted out so that the roads and highways get fixed and look more like roads and less like minefields. I just don’t think I’m that patient.