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  • Blessings and Beatings - The Point of Customizing

Blessings and Beatings - The Point of Customizing

Dan Ward
Dec 31, 2011
Photographers: Dan Ward
"Have We Forgotten The Point Of Customizing Our Trucks?"
Trends seemingly trickle down to the custom truck world at a slow pace. In recent years, we’ve seen trends from the street rod, hot rod, and muscle-car world directly effect the way custom truck builders create new works of art. Whether it’s a clean paint scheme aesthetic, incorporating high-end leathers and materials inside the cabin, or opting to make the engine bay a focal point rather than an afterthought, custom trucks take cues from the car genres. This month’s cover truck is a great example of how cool your truck can look after closely examining the car world, in this case the world of high-end hot rods. This amazing truck would be equally at home in a classic car show or even a hot-rod gathering. Best part of being the truck builder and owner is the ability to hop in and drive off into the sunset. When I asked the owner if he planned on driving it after the photo shoot, he said, “That’s what I built it for.” Seeing the quality of his ride and knowing he was going to be putting plenty of miles on it, I wondered if the world of custom trucks has gotten to the point where buying a trailer to tow the show truck around is equally as important as building something nice. Whatever happened to driving the show truck to the show?
Photo 2/2   |   blessing And Beatings Point Of Customizing chevy Silverado
I encourage you to look over the details of Jerry Valenzuela and Ruben Garcia’s ’07 Chevy dubbed Slickerado, starting on page 52. It’s gorgeous and we think you’ll agree it’s as nice as any cover truck we’ve run in recent memory. Why then does it surprise us to see Jerry enjoying the truck he built and going for a cruise? Have we forgotten the point of customizing our trucks? Remember your first truck and how it made your day just to put new wheels on it so you could show it off while driving all over town? Now that was pure joy. I remember that exact day when I drove my ’85 S-10 longbed home with 15-inch Progressive wheels and how I was smiling from ear to ear. With today’s over-the-top, 30-inch wheel-equipped trucks and wild paintjobs, I can’t help but think we’re missing out on the joy of driving our pride and joys. Before you send me hate mail, I know many of you drive your trucks and enjoy every moment behind the wheel, but looking out in the parking lots of so many shows, all you see is trailer after trailer. Let’s not forget, especially in this economy, putting your blood, sweat, and tears into a project is part of the process of creating something special, and that driving your truck is one of the things that makes it special.
blessing And Beatings Point Of Customizing dan Ward Signature
  |   blessing And Beatings Point Of Customizing dan Ward Signature
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