The second annual Canidae California Classic presented by Master Craft Safety, held on Saturday November 26th, proved that racing in Southern California goes late into the year. The weather was 80 degrees in the day and 60 degrees when the sun went down.

For the first time ever the King Taco Super Trucks had a 75-lap race. We were on hand to catch some of the action-packed racing.

At the end of the race, the 2010 Champion, Ryan Partridge, was in the lead with Matt Kimball behind him in second. Coming in third place was the 2009 Super Truck Champ, Rod Johnson Jr. A good friend of Truckin’ Magazine, Ryan Pobanz, raced in the King Taco Super Trucks race for the first time and came in 15th overall. His fastest time and speed being 20.8 seconds and 86.5 mph. Not bad for a rookie.

Luckily there were no yellow flags and all but four trucks finished the race. For more information about next season’s races go to