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  • Blessings And Beatings - Bob Ryder

Blessings And Beatings - Bob Ryder

Dan Ward
Jan 1, 2012
Photographers: Dan Ward
"Bob is one cool dude and living proof of why they say 'Old Guys Rule!'"
When I started at this magazine nearly nine years ago, one of the first hands I shook was Bob Ryder’s. A jolly man with a vivacious attitude, Bob and I instantly got along. Helping me learn the ropes, Bob was always eager to help and contribute to whatever was going on. After many, many photo shoots, trips, and magazine adventures later, Bob is no longer the Senior Tech Editor at Truckin’. Like all good things, the company decided Bob’s tenure must come to an end. It’s a sad statement of the times we live in. To say thanks in our own way, I asked some of the current and past staff to write in some of their best memories and stories of working with Bob. We wish him years of happiness and success, and we’ll miss him around the offices.
Dan Ward- Editor
I’ve only really been scared working at Truckin’ twice, and once involved Bob. I was cleaning my S-10 one early morning at our Havoc truck show in Lake Havasu, Arizona, with our Project Big E van parked right next to me. I was wiping down the tailgate when the barn doors of the van flew open and out came Bob. I almost peed in my pants, and then immediately asked Bob, “What the heck were you doing in there?” He laughed and replied, “I was sleeping.” Rather than stay at the roach motel where we were shacked up in, Bob chose to use the van for what he built it for. I’ll never forget that moment because for Bob, he was just doing the norm. Thanks for everything Bob.
Max Matthewson- Associate Editor
The thing I liked most about working with Bob were his stories. Bob has been in the industry for a long time, and he has some of the best stories. I am not sure if you know this, but Bob’s roommate in college invented the automobile and Bob was the subject of the first photo ever taken. So when I say Bob has been in the industry for a while, I mean it. I love how all of Bob’s stories incorporated some sort of automotive terminology, even if the story has nothing to do with anything automotive. Bob always had great advice whether it was about photography, tech, or just life in general.
Brandan Gillogly- Former Feature Editor
When you’re looking through the lens of a camera, you can sometimes forget that you’re much closer to the action than you realize, and that might have been the case when I slid sideways through the finish line of an autocross course driving a truck harder than I should have. My last-turn slide might have made for some cool photos, but it put me into an arcing path that had me headed for Bob, who was standing there shooting the action. Bob lowered the camera from his eye and ran towards the cones I’d just wiped out as I skidded the truck to within a couple of feet where he had just been standing. He told me his plan was to head to the last spot he saw the truck, because he knew by the time he got to that spot, the truck wouldn’t be there anymore. Makes sense. Nice job Bob.
John Mata Jr.- Former Associate Editor
Bob is truly one of a kind. Always the first to lend a hand and offer valuable advice, he was one of my first role models during my rookie days with Truckin’, and his pointers with a camera and tips on dealing with the everyday ins and outs of automotive journalism are still very fresh with me still. Calm and cool under pressure is Bob’s style. I try to mimic his attitude sometimes but usually fail because that’s just his natural stride. Bob loved his work, and even though his name won’t be included on the masthead as Senior Tech Editor, I’m sure he’ll remain a steady contributor to the magazine. There are definitely lots to learn from this man’s years of experience, and he convinced me time and time again that old guys really do rule.
Lorraine McCraw- Managing Editor
My favorite memories of Bob is being able to chat with him in the office, sharing “I remember when” stories about our families and whatever awesome trips we spent with them. He is definitely someone I am able to glean from when it comes down to talking about what matters most in life... basically LIFE itself and living it to the fullest. Bob, thanks for sharing your wisdom and knowledge and having the character I can only hope to perfect one of these days.
Rob Munoz-Group Art Director
I guess the biggest memories of working with Bob would be his quiet, somber, layed back demeanor no matter how tight the deadline. Bob is one cool dude and living proof of why they say "Old Guys Rule!"
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