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  • What'd You Say? - Issue 5

What'd You Say? - Issue 5

Jacob Jackson
May 1, 2012
Got something to tell us? This is your spot. Tell us you like a feature, want to see more tech stories of your particular truck, or tell us we got a new truck test right or wrong. We've dedicated this one page to anything and everything you have to say. Think of it as our Facebook wall, only it goes to print instead of being forgotten in 5 seconds. Speaking of which, we'll be selecting some of the best post on our Facebook wall and printing them here, so be sure to friend us at We can be reached at
Can't Please Everyone
I am still waiting to receive the correct size Truckin T-shirt you promised. The Tapout shirt was terribly ugly and the sizes were mislabeled. They were more like smeadiums. And there wasn't even a goodie bag. When one enters a contest and wins a prize, shouldn't they get a prize? I am attaching your last email to refresh your memory. Also, I have since moved to Georgia. Please contact me when you are ready to send my shirts (one for my Husband too) XXL and XL.

Thank you,
Angela G.
Looks like getting three free T-shirts wasn't enough in this economy. - Ed.
Rendering from Issue 3
Hey guys, the Mobster 2.0 rendering looked good in the magazine. Thanks for running it.

Sgt. Chris Stafford
Assistant Ops Sergeant
2225th Multi Role Bridge Co.

Photo 2/6   |   whad You Say Issue 5 cadilliac Rendering
Words of Wisdom

From our Facebook wall:

Josh Xlga Rowa posts:
"Give a man a 'bagged truck and you please him for a day. Teach a man how to build that 'bagged truck and you please him for a lifetime." ~TheKrazyOne~

Makes sense to us, oh wise one.
Perfect Timing
Are you going to run a story on the THROWDOWN you held at the 2011 LS Fest?  Any idea when you will run the article?  Keep up the good work.- Scott Carey

Look no further, Scott, the full coverage is on page 94.

Photo 3/6   |   whad You Say Issue 5 throwdown Logo
Go Big or Go Home
Thanks for a great magazine. The lowered trucks and the lifted trucks deserve separate publications, or maybe be the main focus of every other month of Truckin instead of each month being sort of a jumble of both. I am a fan and owner of a lifted truck.  While having these thoughts, I ran across a Truckin publication called LIFTED, Wrenched and Raised—great spinoff. Both magazines (and all others) seem to miss the niche of "heavy half-tons," even an article identifying some of the plus and minuses of them or even that they exist, and what you need to identify one. - Al Giltner, Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Thanks for the kind words, Al; those story ideas have our gears turning.

Photo 4/6   |   whad You Say Issue 5 lifted Trucks
Like a Good Neighbor, Truckin is There

I wanted to shoot you an email and say “THANK YOU” for taking the time to give our 2010 Camaro a jumpstart at SEMA. This was something that you could have walked away from. However, you were so kind to help us out and your help was GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

Seriously Sincerely,
Dustin and Tere Johnson
2010 Decepticon Camaro
SEMA 2011

Happy to help. - Ed.
Photo 5/6   |   whad You Say Issue 5 2010 Chevy Camaro
Photo 6/6   |   whad You Say Issue 5 facebook Ask



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