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  • June 2012 Postal Route Letters to the Editor

June 2012 Postal Route Letters to the Editor

Custom Grille Paint, Million Mile Cummins Build, and More!

Jun 1, 2012
Department of Corrections
On page 100 of the “Morgan Wildman’s Charity Dyno Event” article (April ’12), we listed Chad Lipari as the owner of the ’97 Ford F-350 dualie. We got that wrong. The real owner is Trenton Whitman, and he’s modified his two-wheel-drive dualie with a Superchips Max Micro tuner, a homemade intake, and a homemade water-methanol injection system. The manual-transmission-equipped truck put down 316 hp and 520 lb-ft of torque at the dyno day through a pair of massive 8-inch-diameter stacks.
Photo 2/2   |   june 2012 Postal Route 1997 Ford F 350 Duallie
Custom Grille Paintjob
In your “Semitruck Super Duty” article (March ’12) about the Mickey Thompson F-250, you ran a picture that shows a cool grille cover that appears to be made of smoked plastic. You didn’t mention who made it or where it can be purchased, but I want one for my truck. My Internet searches produced no leads on it. Could you please send me information on the grille cover or tell me where I could purchase one?
Mark Svien
West Bath, Maine
The smoked grille and headlight treatment on the ’11 F-250 that X-Treme Toyz built for Mickey Thompson was done by M&M Auto Arts in Sun Valley, California, (818) 504-4900.
Million-Mile Cummins Build
I loved reading the “Million-Mile Cummins Rebuild” article (April ’12), but there was one big disappointment. I was looking feverishly for a price breakdown of the parts installed, plus the expense of the work done. I am looking at having a 12-valve Cummins motor rebuilt before I install it in my truck, but I’m scared of how much it will be. If you guys could give a detailed breakdown of how much your build was, it might better help some of the readers get an idea of where they stand. I personally would really like to see it.
Henry Schmidt
Riverton, Connecticut
Here’s a detailed breakdown of the engine’s parts and cost. We ran out of room to publish it in the original article. Keep in mind that prices vary—so be sure to call Industrial Injection (800) 252-9329 for a current quote.
1. Industrial Injection 12-Valve Cummins Race Long-Block $9,500
(Includes: coated Mahle cast-aluminum pistons; reconditioned, forged 12-valve rods with new rod bolts; balanced rotating assembly; main-bearing Gorilla Girdle kit with 12mm ARP studs; boring and honing the block 0.020-over with a deck plate; ARP 625 head studs; CNC-ported cylinder head bowls and exhaust ports; 110-psi valvesprings; fire-ringed head gasket; new oil cooler; new oil pump; all new bearings; and assembly)
2. PDI 24-valve-style, three-piece exhaust manifold $550
3. Industrial Injection Dragon Fly 12mm injection pump (500 to 600 hp) $1,750
4. Industrial Injection 12-valve Dragon Fly 150hp Race 3 injectors $930
5. Industrial Injection Phat Shaft 62mm/70mm turbo: $ 1,550
6. Industrial Injection 4-inch HX40 Dodge downpipe $180
7. Industrial Injection 12-valve aluminum bolt-in freeze plug (rear) $55
8. Industrial Injection 12-valve aluminum bolt-in freeze plugs (side) $50
9. Industrial Injection 12-valve aluminum tappet cover $299
Total $14,864
To all our readers, we thank you for your comments and compliments. Keep those emails and letters coming. Write to: Diesel Power, 831 S. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245, or email us at
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