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  • June 2012 Power Bits Diesel Industry News

June 2012 Power Bits Diesel Industry News

All The Torque That’s Fit To Twist

Jun 1, 2012
Chevy Ecologic Label
There’s due to be one more sticker on your next new vehicle—if it’s a Chevy, that is. General Motors will add an Ecologic environmental label to its ’13 Chevrolet vehicles. The Ecologic tag is designed to give a shout-out to environmental features of the vehicle, mainly aspects of the manufacturing and assembly processes, the fuel-saving technologies and lightweight components, and how much of the vehicle can be recycled at the end of its life. All ’13 Chevy vehicles will receive the label later this year.
Photo 2/12   |   june 2012 Power Bits chevy Ecologic Label
Audi’s BiTDI
We dig this, even if it hasn’t reached North America yet: the Audi BiTDI. The 313hp Audi bi-turbo TDI engine is a new twin-turbo V-6 and the most potent of the diesel six-bangers from the automaker. It features a special actuator in its exhaust system, giving it a high-performance tone that doesn’t sound like it should come from a fuel-efficient vehicle.
Photo 3/12   |   june 2012 Power Bits audi Tdi Engine Cover
Guess Who’s Turning 75 Years Old?
The photo probably gave you the answer already, so, indeed, it’s Mopar. But what do you really know about the brand after all this time? Well, it started back in 1937 at a meeting within the Chrysler Parts Corporation’s Activities Council, which decided to name it Mopar after “motor” and “parts.” Today, there are more than 500,000 parts and accessories available, and Mopar makes an appearance in more than 120 countries. One more fact to make you Mopar-ficient: There are more than 3,500 suppliers that build products for the Mopar brand.
Photo 4/12   |   june 2012 Power Bits mopar Store
Rumor of the Moment:
Talk of a diesel Maserati continues, and in a wiener-measuring contest of the best kind, the goal would likely be to kick the Porsche and BMW diesels in the pants, or whatever diesel engines wear to cover their unmentionables.
Photo 5/12   |   june 2012 Power Bits maserati
GM on the Up and Up
For 2011, GM’s full-year earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) were $8.3 billion. Why is that significant? That’s up $1.3 billion from the previous year.
Diesel Beetle
The ’13 TDI VW Beetle has finally arrived, although technically it doesn’t go on sale until the summer. Outfitted with a turbocharged 2.0L engine, it’s worth 140 horses and 236 lb-ft of torque. It’s mated to either a six-speed manual trans or dual-clutch DSC six-speed auto. You’re correct if you’re recalling that this isn’t the first diesel Beetle for the United States. From 1998 to 2006, an optional turbocharged 1.9L four-cylinder was available. Of course, time has allowed the engine to evolve from unit-injection to common-rail.
Photo 6/12   |   june 2012 Power Bits diesel Vw Beetle
Chrysler Museum
Have you been to the Walter P. Chrysler Museum? If you live in Michigan, you better have answered yes. If you don’t, you better have a vacation planned there, just so you can set foot inside automotive history. But until then, you can check out the museum’s website at If you’ve been to the site before, know that it’s now all-new, with a more robust online community, plus loads of Chrysler historical stuff, photos, service manuals, production numbers, and more.
Photo 7/12   |   june 2012 Power Bits chrysler Museum Webiste
“As the economy continues to rebound, I think this segment is going to continue growing. I really don’t see a top end to this thing.”
—Fred Diaz, CEO of Ram brand, to USA Today about high-end, luxo pickups, like the new Laramie Limited Ram
How The Chevy Cruze Diesel Will Save the World
According to GM, it sold more than half a million diesel-equipped cars in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America in 2011, and that included 33,000 Cruze models. The diesel Cruze is even headed to the United States. And the interesting thing is, the Cruze features a global powertrain. The epicenter of the activity is the GM diesel center in Torino, Italy where engineers work with engineers in Michigan. And we can get behind what Mike Siegrist, the 2.0L diesel assistant chief engineer, had to say: “In terms of outward appearances, the difference between the diesel and gasoline engine is going to be difficult to discern. GM’s advanced technologies provide a seamless transition from a gasoline to a diesel car.”
Photo 8/12   |   june 2012 Power Bits gm Plant
BMW M Diesels
The new M550d xDrive, X5 M50d, and X6 M50d are the newest offerings from BMW, each containing a turbocharged six-cylinder diesel that makes 381 horses and 546 lb-ft of torque. There’s also an eight-speed auto tranny. So far, BMW is thumbing its nose at North America when it comes to offering these guys to buyers, but we’re hoping that turns into a thumbs-up instead.
Photo 9/12   |   june 2012 Power Bits bmw X5
“We’re changing our language. We’re erasing the word ‘waste’ and we’re replacing it with ‘resource.’”
—Bill Finch, mayor of Connecticut, at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Bridgeport Biodiesel plant, according to the Connecticut Post
Government-Issued Distraction Guidelines
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has put together the first-ever list of ways automakers can limit the “distraction risk for in-vehicle electronic devices.” NHTSA calls the list “guidelines.” Included is the suggestion to disable some operations while the vehicle is in motion, such as visual-manual social media browsing and texting, visual-manual 10-digit phone dialing, and displaying more than 30 characters of text unrelated to the matter at hand (aka driving).
Photo 10/12   |   june 2012 Power Bits young Woman Driving With Phone
Which Headline Should You Believe?
“Diesels are global stars; U.S. shrugs, steps on the gas”
Automotive News, January 30, 2012
“Auto industry about to go diesel crazy”
USA Today, February 6, 2012
Rumor of the Moment:
Coming soon, Porsche Cayenne diesel. Really soon.
Diesel Bits
Transformers 4 coming to a theater near you? Of course it is.
Photo 11/12   |   june 2012 Power Bits transformer Door Sill
The eBay Motors iPhone app now lets you search for a vehicle on the site simply by snapping a pic of it.
Photo 12/12   |   june 2012 Power Bits ebay App
WD-40 has launched the Specialist line, which includes Rust Remover Soak, Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant, and Long-Term Corrosion Inhibitor.
Nitto Tire has debuted, with original content like automotive destinations and profiles on people in the auto industry.
The California State Board of Equalization released findings about fuel consumption in California. In October 2011, gas consumption declined 1.8 percent while diesel went up 4.8 percent. The findings also revealed that diesel fuel consumption in California increased 10.3 million gallons in October to a total of 226 million gallons, a 4.8 percent increase over the previous year when 216 million gallons were consumed.
Oshkosh is handing over more than 140 Logistics Vehicle System Replacement (LVSR) cargo trucks and around 70 LVSR tractors, filling an order from the U.S. Marine Corps. The LVSR first headed into Afghanistan in 2009.



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