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  • What’d You Say? - Issue 6

What’d You Say? - Issue 6

Jacob Jackson
Jun 1, 2012
Got something to tell us? This is your spot. Tell us you like a feature, want to see more tech stories of your particular truck, or tell us we got a new truck test right or wrong. We've dedicated this one page to anything and everything you have to say. Think of it as our Facebook wall, only it goes to print instead of being forgotten in 5 seconds. Speaking of which, we'll be selecting some of the best post on our Facebook wall and printing them here, so be sure to friend us at We can be reached at
Good Ol' Days

Dear Mr. Ward,
In the '80s, Truckin magazine was the leader in showing the public new trends, like Boyd Coddington and the billet wheel movement. You also showed us the first lowered Silverado, lowered dualie, and the first lowered S-10. Well the new Colorado just came out, and how about a test drive and show us how to lay rail with it. Plus, a new Ford Ranger test, if it becomes available state side. I just want to help you return to your roots and see success for Truckin magazine again.

John Behneman

John, thanks for your story suggestions, though you may have been misinformed about the “new” Colorado, as there is nothing new about it. A huge disappointment since its introduction in 2004, Chevy is now planning on killing the truck after the 2012 model year and bringing the global market Colorado to the U.S. as a 2014 model. Once that truck is here, we'll be sure to put it through its paces. Thanks for reading. -Ed.
Photo 2/4   |   whad You Say chevy Colorado
We're Not Truckin's List
Hi. I'm trying to sell my sweat 1981 custom fullsize 2WD Blazer. Would like some advise on what I should ask as far as price.

Scott Smith

Scott, we're hoping you meant to say sweet Blazer, and not a sweaty one, as those aren't nearly as valuable. Being that you didn't send us any pics or a link to your Blazer, it's hard for us to give you a random value. Your definition of sweet may be different than the prospective buyers definition. A good friend of ours just picked up a nice '85 Jimmy 4WD for $2,500, so start with a reasonably high starting price and be prepared for tough negotiations.
Aspiring Artist
I was wondering what all consists of having renderings featured on the site? I am 16 years old, and have been doing 3-D frame designs for about a year. I would like to get my designs out there for more people to see, but I don't know where to start. I love Truckin, and would love to have some of my work on the site.

Tom Bowman

Tom, thanks for checking out Good news, we accept all types of renderings, and it's easy to get published. Send your samples to
Locating a Good Shop
Do you guys know of any good custom interior shops in the Maryland, Delaware, or Pennsylvania area.  I have been searching but cannot find any.  Any help would be appreciated.
Ian Dozier
Rising Sun

Good News Ian, check out The Trim Shop (, located in Newark, Delaware, as they do all types of leather interiors. Best part, they're only 30 minutes from you.
When are y'all going to do an issue dedicated to Dodge Rams? Just throwing it out there. All I ever see is Chevys in every issue.

Anthony R.

Anthony, just like you, we like a variety of trucks, but we can't run trucks that people aren't building. In fact, in this issue we have two articles featuring Mopar trucks or SUVs and four articles featuring Blue Ovals. If you know of any killer Rams, give us a shout at
Dear Truckin,
Just received Issue 3. Every truck in there is sick, especially the Chevy roadster and the Nissan Titan. Thanks for the amazing magazine!

John H.

John, thank you for that. We work hard to bring our readers the best of the best. It makes it all worthwhile to receive comments like this.
Photo 3/4   |   whad You Say 2007 Chevy Silverado
Photo 4/4   |   whad You Say facebook Suspension Poll



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