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  • What'd You Say? - Issue 7

What'd You Say? - Issue 7

Jacob Jackson
Jul 1, 2012
Got something to tell us? This is your spot. Tell us you like a feature, want to see more tech stories of your particular truck, or tell us we got a new truck test right or wrong. We've dedicated this one page to anything and everything you have to say. Think of it as our Facebook wall, only it goes to print instead of being forgotten in 5 seconds. Speaking of which, we'll be selecting some of the best post on our Facebook wall and printing them here, so be sure to friend us at www.facebook.com/truckinmag. We can be reached at max.matthewson@sorc.com.
Comments on the New Look via email:
I just received the latest issue of Truckin in the mail and I have a few comments.  I've been a subscriber for several years, and I've witnessed many changes over the years, but this latest attempt needs a little work.
  • The font is difficult to read on many sections.  For instance, the "New Products" section had font that is just too small.  And, in that same section, a blurb about a movie, a watch, and a ring?  Those seemed out of place for a magazine dedicated to trucks.
  • In the "What'd you say?" section, you mocked a complaint from a contest winner?  Good gravy, Angela G. won a contest but wasn't pleased with the package she received, and you mocked her? Real classy. Also, "What'd" does not even make sense.
  • In the "Radical Renderings" section the small wimpy white font in the introductory paragraph does not contrast well against the black background.  However, the bold font describing the trucks is easy on the eye.
  • I'm glad you're putting more articles in each issue.  The magazine has been getting smaller through the years, and having more articles each month is certainly welcome.  I remember when a year's worth of magazines placed along the bookshelf made one cohesive design with the drawing on the spines, and I was hoping that would return.  Oh well, maybe it'll make the next version.
Just some honest feedback from a subscriber.  I wonder if I, too, will get mocked in an upcoming issue?
Jim Wright
Columbus, OH

No mocking, Jim, we appreciate the honest and detailed feedback. Thanks for reading. –Ed. Dan
I saw the new issue in the Phoenix airport about an hour ago. Love that cover! -Tim Coltey, Long Beach, California
Photo 2/6   |   whad You Say Issue 7 issue 5 Cover
Love the new lay out of the mag. Keep up the good work. –Derek Parker, Valencia, California

Hi Max, I can't thank you enough. The feature looks incredible. -Marty McGuire, owner of Syborg
Photo 3/6   |   whad You Say Issue 7 1992 Gmc Sonoma Gt

Photo 4/6   |   whad You Say Issue 7 facebook Questions

Photo 5/6   |   whad You Say Issue 7 2004 Gmc Sierra

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