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  • August 2012 Postal Route Letters to the Editor

August 2012 Postal Route Letters to the Editor

Our Readers Write Back!

Aug 1, 2012
To all our readers, we thank you for your comments and compliments. Keep those emails and letters coming. Write to: Diesel Power, 831 S. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245, or email us at
The Future Of Diesel Swaps
I am looking to get the overall dimensions for the ’11 LML Duramax. I’m going to make a tube-frame chassis and put an LML Duramax in it, but I want to build it in CAD first. I’m having trouble locating overall dimensions for the engine (height, width, and depth). I saw this video ( and was wondering if maybe you guys happened to have either the 3D model or dimensions for the LML.
Berto Diaz
Rochester Hills, Michigan
Photo 2/3   |   august 2012 Postal Route gale Banks Duramax
We don’t have the specs or CAD file you are looking for—yet. But we’re working with Gale Banks Engineering to get you the data for next month’s issue.
What’s An Old Truck?
I like Diesel Power, but I want to read more about older trucks, like my ’00 Dodge Ram 3500 with the 5.9L Cummins. I’m interested in everything from stock trucks used for work to seeing which accessories can be installed to improve their power and fuel economy. I’m not just saying I want to see more old diesels because that’s all I can afford—far from it. I also have an ’08 Ram 2500 with the 6.7L Cummins and a Volkswagen that has the 2.0L diesel. In fact, everything I own with an engine runs on diesel! I just think there’s more that can be done to the older diesels.
My ’08 Ram with the 6.7L has plenty of power, but I want to make it get better fuel economy. My ’00 Ram has 100,000 miles and still runs great, but it’s so confusing trying to decide which programmer and other accessories to buy. I would appreciate info on what’s been tested for the older trucks. There must be millions of Rams like mine on the road still, and if you show us the right things to do to them—there will still be millions of them on the road 10 years from now.
Danny Bartran
Taylorsville, Mississippi
Truth be told, we’ve been trying to keep the diesel industry from splitting into an old vs. new truck market. We’ve seen what happened to the muscle car world, and we don’t want our industry only caring about a limited number of model years. Instead, we’ve focused Diesel Power on upgrades that make sense for diesels of every year. The fact is, what’s old to one guy, may be new to another. So if we’re asked to draw a line in the market, we think the natural split comes between indirect-injection diesel engines (IDI), and direct-injection engines (DI). Will there be another split between ’07½-and-newer, and ’07-and-older trucks? It would be better for our hobby if there’s not. But we hear what you’re saying, and what we’ll take away is: “Don’t forget about our older trucks, even though there is new shiny stuff coming out of Detroit every year.”
Diesel: It’s Not Just For Trucks Anymore
I drive a modern diesel automobile (VW TDI sedan), but the reason I don’t subscribe to your magazine is because 99 percent of the content is about trucks. Your magazine needs to address diesel automobiles (in every issue) in addition to trucks, because more diesel automobiles are being purchased. Chevrolet will offer a diesel engine option for its Cruze, and Honda and Mazda intend to introduce diesel engine options as well. Indeed, your magazine should begin reporting on future passenger car diesel prospects for North America. I would be much more likely to subscribe to your magazine if it routinely featured articles on the care and feeding of diesel sedans.
John Daniels
San Francisco, California
We’ve identified as many as 14 diesel-powered vehicles that will be sold to consumers in North America in 2013—and only three of those vehicles are pickups! That means diesel cars are coming, and while not all of them will be vehicles enthusiasts will love—we will benefit from the new blood they bring to our base.
International Diesel Power
I need some help and advice. I’ve recently been stationed in Germany and now own an ’02 Mercedes Benz C220 European-spec turbodiesel sedan. I’ve been searching forever for some kind of aftermarket parts for it. I have had a subscription to your magazine for a while and learned about a lot of stuff for my lifted ’04 Dodge Ram 3500, but I need help with this car. If you can help me in any way—a website or something—it would be much appreciated.
Cody Baccus
Idaho Falls, Idaho
We’re working on getting the budget to hire a European correspondent to cover the diesel market on the other side of the Atlantic, but until then we’re going to be weak on diesel vehicles not sold in North America. The first place we’d send you is
Helicopter Correction
In your Military Power picture of the USS Gladiator (June ’12, pg. 182) the caption lists the helicopter flying alongside as an SH-60 Sea Hawk. The helicopter is actually an MH-53.
Robert Walker
Van Buren, Arkansas
Photo 3/3   |   august 2012 Postal Route mh 53 Helicopter
The picture on page 182 of the June ’12 issue has a caption that indicates the helo shown is an SH-60. This is incorrect. I spent four years in the Navy working on said aircraft. The bird shown is an MH-53 Sea Stallion. Furthermore, the squadron insignia is HM-15 Blackhawks. My uncle, AD1 Jeff Paschel, served and died in a helo from this squadron in August 2000. I realize it’s a minor point, especially since it’s not the focus of the article, but I’m sure you can understand my reasons for pointing it out. Thank you for a fantastic magazine. Keep it up!
Earl Osborn
Avondale, Arizona
Both of these gentlemen are correct. We mistakenly labeled the MH-53E of the Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 15 (a group known as the Blackhawks) as an SH-60 Sea Hawk. We did so because the official caption from the U.S. Navy lists the helicopter as an SH-60, but now that it’s been brought to our attention, the UFO-of-sorts does look more like an MH-53. We’ll make it up to the men and women of this squadron (and our readers) by filling you in on these helicopters next month.
- OF


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