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  • What'd You Say? - Issue 8

What'd You Say? - Issue 8

Jacob Jackson
Aug 1, 2012
Got something to tell us? This is your spot. Tell us you like a feature, want to see more tech stories of your particular truck, or tell us we got a new truck test right or wrong. We've dedicated this one page to anything and everything you have to say. Think of it as our Facebook wall, only it goes to print instead of being forgotten in 5 seconds. Speaking of which, we'll be selecting some of the best posts on our Facebook wall and printing them here, so be sure to friend us at We can be reached at
My name is Petty Officer 2nd Class Austin J Clayburg. I'm in the U.S. Navy stationed at Fallon Nevada Air Base. I'm the owner of an '03 Chevy Silverado. It's lowered with a $6,000 Kicker sound system. I wanted to drop a quick word on how much I love this magazine and how often I use it to reference my next customizations I'm going to do. I'd love to find out how I can get a Truckin sticker to put on my truck. I'd say I ride around in the cleanest truck here. I turn heads all the time and get comments on how I should try and get my truck in your magazine for “Readers' Rides”. Can you help me out? Respectfully, PO2 Clayburg

Austin, first off, thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Your truck does sound like something to take pride in. The best way to snag a sticker from us is to stop by and see us at a show. However, for the first 25 active duty military members to email us at, we'll send you a sticker to show our appreciation.
Photo 2/7   |   whatd You Say Issue 8 chevy Truck
One day ... my truck shall be in Truckin.
Roel Flores

Roel, we like your attitude buddy. Send photos of your project to and we'll take a close look at it. Thanks for reading.
Hi Dan,
We are trying to work smarter instead of harder this year, and trying to get a head start on our PR. Attached is a media alert about the LNO show this year—November 10. I would appreciate any coverage you can give us in your magazine to get the word out. We are excited about a new venue this year—Route 46 Entertainment District in Sanford, Florida. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the show, and thanks in advance for your help.
Kelly Kramer Weekley

For all you show promoters out there, this is a great place for a show shout-out. Check us out on Facebook at
Dear Mr. Matthewson,

In the Apr. '12 issue, the Truckin staff answered the question, "If money were no object, which car and truck would you take home?" (page 132). Mrs. Lorraine McCraw said it would be the Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR as well as the Mopar Underground Ram.

All I can say is that she must be a great car gal. I had the chance to drive an SLR in 2007, and it was awesome. If I had the money I would get one. It's a beast and doesn't hide it. But in the same instance, it's an elegant cruiser. It's just an awesome mixture. Also the Mopar Underground Ram looks pretty interesting. Well done, Mrs. McCraw.

Keep up the good work and maybe feature also some MB SUVs as well.

Jorge Estrada
Lawton, Oklahoma

We agree with you Jorge. Lorraine was also able to drive the SLR, and although she needed a booster pillow to reach the pedals, she sure did love that car.
Photo 3/7   |   whatd You Say Issue 8 mopar Underground Ram
I have a few project vehicle ideas: Dodge Magnum with Cummins 4BT/NVG manual trans swap. Powerful, lightweight, and with the right trans gears, should get really good mileage! I know, Magnum is a wagon, but per the government, it is a truck after all, right? Other ideas: Duramax Avalanche, done like a military CUCV.

John Reitz
Elyria, Ohio

Good ideas John, that Avalanche would be cool.
Photo 4/7   |   whatd You Say Issue 8 tank
Photo 5/7   |   whatd You Say Issue 8 facebook Feedback Chevy Colorado
Photo 6/7   |   whatd You Say Issue 8 chevy Colorado
Photo 7/7   |   whatd You Say Issue 8 facebook Favorite Truck Engines



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