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  • September 2012 Direct Injection Editorial

September 2012 Direct Injection Editorial

This Is The Only Place Four-Doors Rule

David Kennedy
Sep 1, 2012
There are many secrets to diesel’s success, but the one we never talk about, the one accomplishment we never take credit for, is how diesel made four-door vehicles cool. Think about it, in every other automotive pursuit people have always lusted over the two-doors, but not in our world. Here, it’s the four-doors that rule*.
Photo 2/2   |   When I was a kid, all I needed was a vehicle with two doors. One for me, and one for my sidekick or girlfriend. The idea of having four other people with me at any one time would’ve seemed like a carpool—and there’s nothing cool about a carpool. Nope, back then, four-doors were for minivans and grandparents. In my mind, a pickup was a two-door sports car. But then I bought my first diesel…and now I have it all.
Whether it’s muscle cars, race cars, or collector cars, gearheads want the two-doors. That’s a problem for those guys, because it drives their vehicle prices up, their functionality down, and it means people outgrow those car hobbies fast. Diesel, on the other hand, celebrates the four-door. Our engines want to be loaded down, so even adding hundreds of pounds of doors, glass, and seats really doesn’t phase them—even when we race.
Four-Door Motorsports
In fact, while there are some stripped-down regular-cab drag trucks on the track, the majority of diesels we see competing have four doors. When you factor in sled pulling (in which long wheelbase is key), four-doors dominate diesel motorsports.
How cool is that? You can take the entire family out to dinner in your race truck after you’ve won the main event. You can’t do that in a Mustang or Corvette. In fact, it’s the utility and versatility of our four-door diesels that have kept us enjoying our trucks even as fuel prices approached $5 a gallon. The way I see it, as tough as times have been the last few years, I could always justify keeping my diesel. I think diesel trucks are the only automotive toys a sane person could say that about.
You Can Have It All
How many of you reading this would be able to justify owning a sports car as fast (and expensive) as your diesel? What if you could only drive that vehicle on the weekends, when it was nice, and you had to be careful where you parked it? I bet none of you. I couldn’t. If this were a Corvette magazine, I’d have been out of a job by now. But as diesel owners, we can justify owning a four-door 4x4 that tows whatever we want, gets decent fuel economy, and runs as quick as a Vette—and we never have to worry about a freak snowstorm. I love that, and evidently, so do all of you. Welcome to Diesel Power.
*Only read this if you’re broke, just got your license, or are still in school: Listen, with the rest of the diesel world driving four-doors, that means regular-cab diesel pickups can be had for cheap! Shop around, and find a retired work truck with a diesel under the hood. They make great daily drivers, get better fuel economy around town, and they still come with all the great drivetrain parts under the hood. You can grow into a four-door later. Just keep that secret between us.
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