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  • October 2012 Direct Injection Editorial

October 2012 Direct Injection Editorial

How It’s Made

David Kennedy
Oct 1, 2012
Twenty-eight days. That’s how long we get to make each issue of Diesel Power. I know it sounds like an eternity in the digital age, but trust me, if I could fit any more research, photography, travel, writing, bench racing, or editing into those four weeks of work—I would!
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Deadlines are the only enemy in this business, and no matter what it takes, my staff and I must put together the biggest diesel magazine on the planet every month. Why? That part is easy. All of us who work for Diesel Power love cars and trucks, and it’s magazines like this one that literally made us who we are today. We think our readers deserve nothing less than the life-changing enthusiast products we have to offer.
Made In America
How Diesel Power gets made is a little more complicated—and involves a lot more people. Typically, there are about 6 to 10 writers and photographers who contribute their words, images, and ideas to each issue. Nearly every photo you see in this magazine is taken with a Canon digital camera, and every word is written in Microsoft Word on a MacBook Pro laptop. All that content is then edited and organized by a staff of four guys: Jason Sands, Jason Thompson, Mike McGlothlin, and me. From there, Managing Editor Courtney McKinnon and Art Director Mark Snyder, in our El Segundo, California, office, forge the magazine with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign software.
The rough drafts of our articles are then emailed to each writer (anywhere in the world) for their final review in PDF format. When everyone is happy with the finished product, the completed magazine files are transferred electronically to an enormous Quad Graphics printing facility in Sussex, Wisconsin. Upwards of 50 million pages of Diesel Power are printed each month. Quad then ships Diesel Power directly from its facility (along with millions of pounds of other magazines) out to subscribers and newsstands every week.
The Sun Never Sets On Diesel Power
For the first time in the history of the magazine, Diesel Power was built on a global scale. We had people working on three continents in order to get this issue out the door. I was in Japan with Nitto Tire, and Courtney McKinnon was working from South America (while on vacation—that’s dedication!) to make sure we got this issue done. That’s not typical for us, but like I said, time is our only enemy here.
While our staff isn’t always circling the globe, we do have North America pretty well covered on any given day. The dawn breaks on Diesel Power’s corporate HQ in Florida and New York City first, as Diesel Power is one of 70 magazines our parent company, Source Interlink Media, produces. Source publishes most of the top car magazines in the country. Names like Hot Rod, Motor Trend, Automobile, Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road, Truckin’, 8-Lug, and Motorcyclist are all part of Source.
My boss’s boss’s boss is based in Tampa. So no matter what time I get up—he’s already way ahead of me. Florida is also home to our Palm Coast subscription department, which is on call to serve you at (866) 836-7869.
One thousand miles northwest of Tampa is where our Midwest Bureau Chief, Mike McGlothlin, is based in Springfield, Illinois. From here, Mike can reach the diesel heartland faster than FedEx.
To get from Mike’s office to Feature Editor Jason Thompson (our renewable energy specialist) in Las Vegas, Nevada, you’re looking at about a 1,600-mile drive door to door. If Jason had his way, that trip would require less than 16 gallons of diesel fuel.
Our editorial office (I call it Mission Control) is in El Segundo, California. This is where Tech Guru Jason Sands, our production staff, our photo studio, workshop, and are all based. It’s also where Chevron-Texaco has an enormous refinery. So you’d think we’d have tons of cheap diesel here—but we don’t.
As I put the finishing touches on this issue at 11:44 p.m. on a Sunday night, I feel like I’m handing in a huge book report on Monday morning. But unlike the days when I was in school, I have no regrets about missing sleep, no fear of the grade my teacher will give me. I just want to make sure you’re getting the magazine you deserve, and that’s nothing less than the very best one we can possibly make for you. Thanks for entrusting us with this duty, and thanks for reading Diesel Power.
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