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The Garage Editorial - Working Hard

More 8-Lug Magazine to Come Soon....

Dec 12, 2012
If you’re a regular reader of 8-Lug, you no doubt have noticed this issue is the third in a row in which we’ve devoted our pages to work trucks. The title of this magazine is 8-Lug Magazine Presents Work Truck Review, and maybe I should do a little more explaining for those who aren’t yet up to speed.

We have been increasing the amount of coverage we’ve been giving to work-related HD trucks for more than a year now. And then we did a one-time special issue called Work Truck Review. It was a smash hit with both readers and advertisers. What we’ve discovered is there’s another niche out there that’s not being serviced. There are a whole lot of heavy-duty truck owners who use their vehicle all week long at work and then they use it on the weekends for fun time, too. It’s a seven-day-a-week truck, and it not only has to be extremely reliable, but it has to look good, as it is an extension of the owner’s (and the company’s) good taste and attention to detail.

We decided to run Work Truck Review issues three times in a row to finish up our 2012 magazine season. Next year (2013), we’re going to run WTR every other issue. So look forward to the return of 8-Lug’s focus on show trucks in the January issue before we bounce right back to WTR for the February issue. And then it will continue to alternate for the rest of the year.
Photo 2/4   |   After three successful issues of Work Truck Review to end the 2012 magazine season...
With that said, we’re constantly on the lookout for cool work trucks. Do you use your HD truck in your plumbing business? Are you a general contractor? A pipeline worker? It doesn’t really matter what type of work you do with your truck. If you have modified it to look better, it’s probably a candidate to be in the magazine.

People often ask me what the criteria is to be considered for the Readers’ Rides section (we call it Bragging Rights here, by the way). My answer is: “Just about any reader’s truck can get into the magazine.” I’ve even run a ½-ton truck or two for a loyal reader. Hey, if you’re a reader and you love your truck—that’s what it’s all about.

Others want to know if they can go a bit further and get a full feature done on their rig. That’s a much bigger task, and it takes a nicely done truck to qualify. If you ask me to define “nicely done,” I probably can’t. It’s not always about what I personally find attractive. I’m always trying to stay ahead of the trends and identify new looks that might spread. Let me tell you this: The era of the monster truck getting massive magazine exposure is done.
Photo 3/4   |   ... we have decided to alternate 8-Lug and Work Truck Review for the 2013 season.
I just said no today to a beautiful photo shoot of a massive truck that was powdercoated and chromed throughout. It’s just a dated look—way dated. Sure, the 10-year-old at the county fair thinks the truck is the coolest thing he’s ever seen, but we like to think our magazine is just a bit more sophisticated than that. So don’t bother sending in photos of your 24-inch-lifted truck with a 4-inch body lift.

It seems like a day doesn’t pass without someone asking me how to get his or her truck on the cover. That’s an even harder question to answer. There’s only 12 covers a year. And now we’re divvying it up with Work Truck Review, so it gets even harder. Let’s say you have a really nice modified pickup. It has to be one of the six nicest trucks I’ve seen all year. Do you think that applies to you? Well, why haven’t you sent in a sample photo? If you want your truck in 8-Lug or Work Truck Review, send a photo or two (definitely no more, as it will clog up my inbox) along with some information about the truck and yourself to

With the new WTR opportunities, your truck might suddenly be something that is magazine worthy when you never thought so before. Who knows, maybe it’ll end up on the cover!
Photo 4/4   |   Watch for 8-Lug’s January ’13 issue on sale December 18.


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