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  • December 2012 Pilot Injection Editorial

December 2012 Pilot Injection Editorial

Diesel Power’s Next Chapter

Dec 1, 2012
As the words for this editorial start to take shape on my iPad, I eagerly begin my tenure as the third Editor-in-Chief of Diesel Power magazine.
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For as far back as I can remember, I’ve had a love for anything automotive. Some of my fondest memories growing up involved dragging my dad around to every car show within a reasonable driving distance and collecting as many free posters and brochures as my manufacturer-supplied plastic bag—and later my bedroom wall—could hold. I would anxiously await the beginning of the month when each of the dozen car magazines I subscribed to was due to hit my mailbox. As they arrived, I would inspect each one from cover to cover several times over, often relaying my newfound knowledge and car minutia to anyone who would listen. It was those magazines that inspired a career path that would take me to where I am today.
I always wanted to be a writer for one of my favorite titles and often wondered if I had what it would take to earn the fancy title, the big office, and a personal secretary. With the goal of someday running a publication, I began my writing career as a freelancer in 2000. In 2003, I became a full-time staffer when I was hired as the Associate Editor of our sister publications, Truckin’ and the now defunct Truckin’s SUV magazines. For the past eight years, I have been the Technical Editor for Four Wheeler magazine and just to prove how life can sometimes come full circle, I was there at the beginning, penning the diesel truck shootout in Diesel Power’s inaugural issue.
Diesel Power launched the Spring 2005 issue on a hunch under the guidance of the magazine’s first Editor-in-Chief, Carl Calvert. Due to its incredible popularity, the magazine’s frequency was quickly increased to 12 times a year, and soon thereafter David Kennedy was named to the helm.
Under David’s exemplary leadership, Diesel Power has grown from a small idea to a newsstand juggernaut. Out of nearly 60 titles, DP is Source Interlink Media’s second best seller on the newsstand, with a total readership of more than 1.5 million. As David takes on his new role as Diesel Power’s publisher and passes the editorial baton on to me, it is my job to keep that momentum going.
My philosophy is simple. I want to put together a magazine we both want to read. I want good photography and relevant information to go hand in hand. I want to provide responsible coverage of the sport, and with the diesel market poised to explode, I want to be in a position to cover the latest news and emerging trends in a timely manner. The bottom line is that if it’s cool, we’ll cover it.
Under my watch, we will be keeping all the hardcore tech and features you love, while increasing our reach through stories on emerging technologies, in-depth reviews of new diesel vehicles, expanded coverage of new products, and most importantly, tips and advice for newcomers who have never owned a diesel before.
So, as it turns out, the personal secretary doesn’t come with the fancy title or the office, but what I do get is a great team of hard-working individuals. Diesel Power’s staff—Associate Editor Jason Sands, Feature Editors Mike McGlothlin and Jason Thompson, Web Producer Jason Gonderman, Managing Editor Courtney McKinnon, and Art Director Mark Snyder—is the same group of people who blend their talents together day in and day out every month to bring you the world’s number one diesel publication, and that is not going to change.
Diesel Power will continue to evolve as needed, remaining at the forefront of the diesel performance industry. And as we turn the page toward a new chapter, the staff of Diesel Power will be right there to continue our mission as the voice of the diesel enthusiast.
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