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  • Blessings And Beatings - Teamwork

Blessings And Beatings - Teamwork

Dan Ward
Dec 1, 2012
Photo 2/2   |   blessings And Beatings Teamwork 2009 Dodge Ram
Teamwork is something I learned growing up playing sports. Back in the day, there were winners and losers. Nowadays, kids get trophies for simply showing up to a game—they call it a participation trophy. What a joke. Kids will learn soon enough that the world doesn't care if you just participate. To be successful in life, you have to want it, work your butt off, and then never let up once you attain it. Here at Truckin magazine, if we don't meet our 28-day production cycle, we don't get a pat on the back or a participation trophy, we get a strongly worded email or a piece of paper in an ugly shade of pink.
What keeps our fires burning is the desire to never let up as we try to create the best magazine each and every month. The only way that is possible is by working as a team. Each of us has a role. You may not know what happens behind the scenes every day at the World's Leading Truck Publication, so here is a little insight.
My job is to plan, assign tasks, and make sure we execute the aforementioned plan. During a typical day, I'll select the trucks featured in the issue, narrow down the tech articles that are appropriate for the issue's theme, respond to an average of 120 emails, follow up on pages turned in, edit current submissions, check the status of project builds, and write my own stories. As the Feature Editor, Maxwell Matthewson's job is to search out and find new first-class trucks that are being built across the country. He also handles about 20 pages a month on average, as well as shooting features at shows, shooting tech articles, and he's the man responsible for our Facebook page. Our new guy, Patrick McCarthy, learns something new each and every day he comes to work. Currently, we have him writing features, learning how to shoot tech, handling our “Readers' Rides” and “New Products” sections, and helping out on the Facebook page (and he can make it to Chick-fil-A and back in under 10 minutes). Contributing Tech Editor Harley Camilleri runs around shop to shop shooting tech stories, while also keeping a pulse on what new products are coming out that will be of interest to you.
A face you won't see at any shows is our Managing Editor Lorraine McCraw. Her biggest job is to simply put up with us knucklehead guys, but she's also responsible for making sure we meet our deadlines, she copy edits our stories, and she assigns both edit and ad pages a final resting place within the magazine. Without her, the magazine would never leave our Irvine office. Ad Ops Coordinator Gail Petito works with Lorraine, and she ensures all of the ads are formatted properly, placed according to contractual requirements, and submitted in a timely manner. Rob Munoz has been with us for nearly eight years, and he handles every page's design and layout. We submit our good photos, he makes them better, and a few days later, he turns them into awesome feature layouts. Finally, there's Jeff Dahlin, who oversees the sales team that keeps the doors open and the lights on. They don't get much editorial love, but without them, we'd be asking if you wanted fries with that.
When looking through and reading this issue, please know a talented team of people who love what they do worked hard to make it the best magazine we possibly could. Want to see more of one thing and less of another? Head over to and give us your opinion.
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