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  • February 2013 Torque: 1,000hp Cummins

February 2013 Torque: 1,000hp Cummins

Mechanically Injected, Reverse- Mount- Turbo’d Beast

Jason Sands
Feb 1, 2013
Photographers: Jason Sands
Photo 2/2   |   1302dp 01 Feruary 2013 Torque 1000hp Cummins 1000hp Cummins Diesel
A The turbo setup starts off with a Steed Speed exhaust manifold that has been flipped upside-down to mount the smaller turbo up higher.
B The backward-mounted compressor is a 2.8-inch (71mm) inducer turbo that had the exhaust side wrapped to keep heat from bleeding over to the intake piping.
C The larger of the two turbochargers is a massive 3.6-inch (92mm) charger, which is mounted out front and away from the engine where the battery used to be. Another advantage of this type of system is that the hot pipe between stages is a very simple 90-degree bend.
E Diesels create a whole lot of crankcase pressure, which normally has no place to go. With boost pressures approaching 100 psi at full tilt, three breathers from a Case tractor are used to relieve the harmful pressure buildup.
F Airflow is improved throughout the entire intake system, leading up to the tract’s crowning achievement: a ZZ Custom Fabrication individual runner intake. The tuned intake system is a big reason why the engine doesn’t need to make triple-digit boost levels to make the kind of power it does.
G Peeking out from the bottom of the picture is a custom front cover that’s used to drive a Waterman lift pump. At more than 300 gallons per hour, it gets the job done—and then some.
D If the injector lines look larger than stock, it’s because they are. These 0.120-inch lines, bent by the Silvera brothers, feed mammoth top-secret-sized injectors.
A thousand horsepower is a figure a lot of people like to throw around, but there aren’t many trucks that can actually do the deed. Factor out nitrous, and the list shrinks even smaller. One such example of a truck that has the Wheaties to make 1,000 hp is Victor and David Silvera’s ’95 Dodge. Since older, mechanically injected trucks run lower injection pressures, they usually need a whole lot of boost to make it work, which means some seriously large turbos. While we’ve seen it before, the mean green Ram shown here is a very good example of how to package such a large set of compounds. The manifold turbo is mounted backward, while the large atmospheric is mounted out front where the battery used to be. This also frees up room for the large downpipe needed to expel exhaust gases. While it hasn’t been on a dyno yet, low 10-second quarter-mile times in a big, old Dodge tells us this truck is at or beyond the 1,000hp mark.
H Although the huge intake blocks most of it, the injection lines seen coming out above the intake are connected to a decade-old 13mm Piers Stupid Pump—named so because it flows a “stupid” amount of fuel.
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