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  • What’d You Say? - Issue 3

What’d You Say? - Issue 3

Letters To The Editor

Maxwell Matthewson
Mar 1, 2013
Photographers: Truckin Staff
Hey Truckin,
I remember seeing an article comparing the pros and cons of lowering or lifting your truck. It had a red, lowered F-350 and a red, lifted F-350. I was wondering if there was a way to look it up online?
Steve Pando
Fresno, California
Photo 2/5   |   what D You Say Issue 3 2008 Issue Of Truckin Cover
Unfortunately, that article is not available online. But here are the separate articles for the two trucks:
Lifted F-350:
Lowered F-350:
Hey guys,
How do I get my custom truck showpiece featured in your magazine?
Christopher Cross (REAL NAME)
Chula Vista, California
First off, AWESOME NAME! Second, this is the most asked question that we get. To get featured in Truckin magazine, send some photos of your truck and a description of what mods have been done to
Hey Fellas,
Hello, my name is Joel Mincey. I am looking at Volume 37, No. 8, 2011 and on the second page in an ad, there is a blue SS clone Silverado with a hood that I can’t find anywhere. I have seen this hood one other time and have tried to find it on the ’net but no luck. If you could please send me in the right directicon that would be great. Thanks for your time.
Joel Mincey
Nashville, Tennessee
Photo 3/5   |   what D You Say Issue 3 chevy Silverado Ss
We are very familiar with this truck. It was on the cover of Issue 9 of 2009 of Sport Truck. Though we remember the truck, we are not sure what hood it is. After checking the article about the truck, it says the hood is a Street Scene HD hood, but the Street Scene website does not show it. Here is the link to the article, Good luck in your search.
Good morning fellas,
I just wanted to send you a quick note and say thank you for putting out a great magazine. Every month I look forward to getting my Truckin in the mail and it takes me a full month to read it all the way through. The photos are amazing and the tech is bar-none. My only question is, would it be possible for you guys to do a centerfold in the magazine that us readers could tear out and hang on our walls?
Carl Perkins
Omaha, Nebraska
Photo 4/5   |   what D You Say Issue 3 classic Chevy Pickup
Thank you! We try our best to put out the best magazine we can. We take pride in our photography and it feels good to have someone notice. As for your question, we have thought about it and it all comes down to money. It costs money to do something like that, and in a down economy, we do all we can to save money. If the economy makes a U-turn and comes back up, I will see what we can do. Until then, keep on Truckin!
Last month we held a caption contest on our Facebook page. Here are some of the best captions for this photo.
Photo 5/5   |   what D You Say Issue 3 gmc Work Truck With Tilting Cab
Look! A penny!!
Ever Rodriguez
Ooops, I did it again! How embarrassing!
Accufab, Inc.
Autobots Transform! Dammit I’m stuck. Anybody? Optimus? Guys?
Kieran Michael
I wish I could be on the cover of Truckin magazine :-(
John Ybarra
I think they fed me gas and now I feel sick to my tank.
Cory Timmons
Got something to tell us? This is your spot. Tell us you like a feature, want to see more tech stories of your particular truck, or tell us we got a new truck test right or wrong. We’ve dedicated this one page to anything and everything you have to say. Think of it as our Facebook wall, only it goes to print instead of being forgotten in five seconds. Speaking of which, we’ll be selecting some of the best post on our Facebook wall and printing them here, so be sure to friend us at We can be reached at


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