If you’re not from the Golden State, odds are that the mention of California makes you think of the bustling streets of LA, the fish markets of San Francisco, or maybe even the beautiful beaches of the central coast. However, there’s much more to Cali than these iconic locations. The San Joaquin Valley spans much of the center of the state, and its rural farmland is home to some of California’s finest show trucks. The Danger Zone show began in 2005 as a venue for these trucks, and nine years later, it’s still going strong. Hosted in the tree-lined Mooney Grove Park in Visalia, the show saw a massive turnout of hundreds of trucks, ranging from slammed to sky-high and everything in between. The pleasant April weather and row upon row of custom vehicles made for a relaxing Saturday afternoon. Check out our photos below to see what you missed, and for more info on next year’s show, look up "Danger Zone truck show" on Facebook.