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Blessings And Beatings - Ten Years

Dan Ward
May 1, 2013
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Ten years is a long time. Ten years makes me the longest tenured Truckin employee on staff. When I left everything Id ever known in Georgia back in 2003, I was a 23-year-old knucklehead who thought his S-10 with LED windshield water squirters was the coolest thing around. At least I can look back and laugh at myself. Trends have come and gone over that time span. You don't see tribal flames, tweed interiors, or animal print paintjobs anymore and our hobby is better for it.
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Over the last decade Truckin, the economy, and trucks in general have changed drastically. We're not 378 pages like we were on my first issue, but we do have diverse, pertinent, and fresh content each and every month. The economy has taken its toll on businesses that didn't have their acts together, and the OE truck manufacturers are now offering trucks with mega power, incredible interiors, and price tags that require you to sit down.
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I've had amazing experiences traveling all over the world, I've had the privilege to photograph 64 Truckin covers, and been to numerous insane truck showsmany of which are no longer around. What has been the best part of working for the World's Leading Truck Publication is the people I've met along the way. From shop owners, to show promoters, to truck ownerstruck enthusiasts really are the salt of the Earth. Some of my best friends have come by way of truck shows and getting to know them on a personal level.
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We're always trying to make the magazine something you look forward to each and every month. If you want to see more of one thing or less of another, we want your feedback at www.facebook.com/truckinmag. Here's a toast to the next ten years.
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From someone who genuinely loves their job and appreciates every minute of it, let me pause and thank you for reading Truckin magazine.
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