Sometimes bad things happen to good trucks. It is always sad to see, but it happens. In the case of these two Nissan Hardbodies, they were in an unfortunate drunk driving accident. We were not there, but were told that the night before Scrapin' the Coast was scheduled to start, these two trucks were parked at the showgrounds at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. Apparently, a woman was driving drunk and decided to turn into the coliseum's parking lot. The two trucks were parked in line with each other when they were hit. The woman must have been driving pretty fast because she hit the copper Nissan hard enough to launch it into the back of the green one. So not only was there damage to the rear of the copper truck, but damage to the front as well. The worst part about it was that the same guy owns both trucks. That had to be a crappy wake-up call. Luckily, the cops caught the woman and threw her behind bars. We haven't heard what has happened with the trucks, but seeing this makes us cringe. Let this be a reminder that drunk driving sucks even when you aren't around.