Would you like that Chevy small, medium, or large? Or, more fitting for Chevrolet’s 2015 truck lineup, which does kind of resemble the fast food drive-thru: Would you like that Chevy medium (midsize), large (half-ton), or extra-large (heavy-duty)? At a time when other companies are opting for the large/extra-large truck offerings (Ford buried the Ranger and Dodge dumped the Dakota), Chevy is returning to a threefold truck offering for 2015 with the introduction of the midsize Chevy Colorado. Are we excited? You bet! The Colorado replaced the S-10 for 2004 but was gone by 2012. Reviving a truck that arguably was never really able to compete with its fellow midsize foes is brave and bold, intriguing even the mini truck loyalists who would still prefer a ’93 S-10. However, the Colorado was never killed internationally. The second-generation Holden Colorado (Australia and New Zealand) and Chevrolet S-10 (Brazil), for example, prove that the Colorado has never been dead worldwide (and for that matter, the S-10 name, too!) These trucks have a 2.5L (150hp and 258 lb-ft of torque) turbo diesel and a 2.8L (180hp and 347 lb-ft of torque) offering.

Chevy has been on a reengineering rampage with its half ton and heavy duty Silverados, and now the Colorado. This all-new midsize Colorado – the third and final piece of the Chevy truck lineup - will be unveiled on November 20 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. We can’t wait to see what the new Colorado’s all about; stay tuned for the live reveal here: Colorado Reveal Live Stream.

Now, as if this wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve all been hearing rumor of a diesel Colorado, and it’s becoming more a question of “what” and “when” rather than “if.” These diesel options are getting out of control and we love it. The groundbreaking diesel half-ton limits have already been pushed with the upcoming Cummins Nissan Titan and the EcoDiesel Ram 1500. (Ahem, Chevrolet – who’s the next diesel half ton maker?) And now a diesel midsize truck? Torque, power and towing prowess from a midsize?

We’ll ride this wave of diesel awesomeness as far as it’ll take us!