As a follow-up to the zillions of "what's that Duramax got in it?!" questions from yesterday, we decided to give you all a nice big photo of what Buck Spruill's 9.24-second GM has under the hood.

 Built with the help of TTS Power Systems and Maximized Performance (who did the turbo fabrication) the engine makes approximately 1400 horsepower to the tires, based upon trap speed. "It's never been on a dyno, and I have no interest in getting on one," commented Buck, "To me, getting to the finish line in front of the other guy is what matters."

Also note that the engine has an enormous amount of nitrous on it, so things should really get interesting when Buck starts dabbling into that. With 118psi of boost according to the data logger from the triples (GTX45 and twin S480's), there's no doubt that this is one of the World's Baddest Duramaxes.