With Valentine’s Day a mere week away, let’s gossip about love and relationships and all that juicy stuff. You know, who’s with who, who’s still alone, who’s looking for more, who’s messing up. Of course, we’ll gossip diesel-style.

We’ll start with a feel-good love story: Cummins and Ram. (Or, Cummins and Dodge.) Can you believe they’ve been together 25 years? Twenty-five years of game-changing engineering and powertrain design, and more than 2 million Cummins B-series engines in Ram Heavy Duty and Chassis Cab trucks. It just feels right, doesn’t it? About 85 percent of Ram Heavy Duty trucks house a Cummins engine. My dad has a HD Ram with a big ol’ Cummins badge on the side, probably just like your dad. The first thing you probably associate with Cummins is Ram or 5.9L or 6.7L, and with Ram, Cummins. The partnership seems so natural, so invulnerable. And so far, it is.

Comments Reid Bigland, President and CEO — Ram Truck Brand, Chrysler Group LLC: “Ram and Cummins are names synonymous with power, quality and durability. We’ve enjoyed a successful relationship and remained leaders in the diesel pickup market for 25 years. The numbers don’t lie. Backed by a Cummins engine, our Ram Heavy Duty is King of the Hill with 30,000 lbs. of towing capacity – three tons more than the closest competitor and our flagship Chassis Cab trucks hit Gross Combined Weight Ratings of up to 37,500 lbs.”

Perhaps it is this perception that has led to an outcry of protest at the news of a 5.0L V8 Cummins in a Nissan Titan and this week, the concept Nissan Frontier that houses a 2.8L Cummins. “Blasphemy!” many have cried. “Woe is me, and woe is the whole diesel universe!” some have proclaimed. “There is SO much wrong with this, where do I even begin! Cummins’ engines belong in Rams!” others have exploded on Facebook. You’ve crossed your arms, turned your heads, and spat on Nissan, the evil-doer who wooed away Cummins. Then you’ve looked shamefully upon your Ram’s Cummins badge, peeling away its edges in dishonor, crying, “Never again!” With that badge, they may confuse you as a Nissan-lover.

And it gets even worse: the EcoDiesel in the Ram 1500. A diesel Ram with a VM Motori instead of a Cummins? Again, fits have been thrown. The ½-ton Titan gets a Cummins, but the ½-ton Ram gets a VM Motori? Is it getting hot in here? So a diesel Ram 1500 truck is now going to sound like a little puttering diesel sedan, without the pleasing cadence of a Cummins? You bet. Even the news of a possible 30mpg for this fullsize ½-ton receives the cold shoulder, since suddenly – as some claim - all mid-90s diesel trucks easily get 30mpg. Have you actually even driven an EcoDiesel? Until then, can you at least give it a chance?

It seems to be a confusing time for the diesel truck enthusiast. It’s true that change can be hard.

This may be slightly dramatized, but the truth is, Cummins is obviously not obliged to partner solely with Ram, and Ram is not obliged to partner solely with Cummins. If Cummins sees an opportunity to push engines in other segments, why shouldn’t it proceed? Cummins in a ¾-ton Ram, Cummins in a ½-ton fullsize Nissan Titan, Cummins in a concept midsize Nissan Frontier – why not? In fact, what’s next? Who’s going to get the next Cummins? Chevrolet? Toyota? It's not like they're all getting the 6.7L. And if Ram sees an opportunity to put a fuel efficient VM Motori in its ½-ton and diversify its diesel truck offerings, then why shouldn’t it proceed?

I know this has been hard to swallow, but isn’t there any part of you that feels excited about any of this? Isn’t it time we start thinking in terms of 2014? Is there not room for multiple partners in this diesel love affair? (Okay, that got weird.) The point is this: diesel enthusiasts should stand for diesel, period. Manufacturers are listening, and they already have the task of convincing a huge, unsupportive American population to believe in the benefits of buying diesel. Don’t make them have to convince you, too.

So, there you have it. We’ve talked through it and that’s what really counts; who needs more on a Friday afternoon than a good chat?

By the way, on a practical note – go make Valentine’s dinner reservations right now. Time is running out.