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Don’t Be That Guy - Final Gear

Online Trash Talking

Jan 14, 2014
Photographers: Jason Gonderman
We’ve all seen “that guy.” Every day, we encounter people who make us stop what we’re doing, scratch our heads, and then weep a little for the future of humanity. This person doesn’t just make himself look bad but instead casts a negative shadow over everyone that is even remotely related to his interests or beliefs. The phenomenon isn’t relegated to any one group of people, gender, geographic location, personal interest, or level of education. These people are everywhere—just take a look around and you’re bound to find one. Offended already? Then guess what, you’re probably that guy.
The way I figure it, there are two different types of “that guy,” the ones who exist in real life and those who live on the Internet. For the purpose of this editorial, I’m going to focus on people in the diesel enthusiast scene, but you can apply this to just about any group of people you can think of.
We can all come up with quite a few examples of the real-life version of “that guy.” They are the ones who tow trailers in the fast lane while holding up traffic, they block the only diesel pump at the gas station to run inside for a snack after they finish fueling, and they are the ones who smoke out little old nuns at the bus stop. This person is heavy on the horn and quick with a finger when they feel you are impeding them in some way. And while they are making themselves look bad, the businessman driving his sedan behind the truck that just left a cloud of smoke in front of the preschool now has a bad taste for all diesel truck owners. He has now lumped me—and you—into the same category as “that guy.”
The Internet is where the stupid in people really comes out—and Facebook has got to be the place where all these people congregate. Hiding behind the anonymity of their keyboard, people feel unencumbered and spout off a steady stream of nonsensical dribble worse than I have seen after closing time at the local watering hole. Reading through comments on the Diesel Power Facebook page makes me sick at times. This page is out there for the entire world to see.
Photo 2/2   |   Do we really want this to be the representation of what we love to the outside world?
These people are our ambassadors; we as a whole are judged by the actions of a few. I really don’t care if people are deeply brand loyal. That is a discussion for another day, but that doesn’t mean they need to be completely closed-minded. And if people must be closed-minded, please keep it off the Internet. The hate and vulgarity that is spewed willingly still boggles my mind. Every single topic posted to our Facebook page quickly turns into a diatribe of ignorant hate and personal attacks. There is no reason for this. And if the goal is to be funny, it’s really not.
The simple reality is this: If we don’t all shape up and start acting like reasonable human beings, there is a real chance we’ll start losing the things we love. People outside our hobby want to see it dead, and if all we look like to the outside world are a bunch of arguing, vulgar children, it just adds fuel to the fire and gives ammunition to our enemies. Let’s all stand together and put a stop to the childish name calling this instant. If every person who reads Diesel Power would vow right now to not only tolerate but also appreciate the different brand of diesel engines and other people’s personal truck builds, I feel that we can make a real difference in the attitude and image of our hobby as a whole.
If we all do our part and consciously try our very hardest to not be “that guy,” we can and will make the world a nicer place to be a diesel enthusiast.
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