Did you know the Guinness Book of World Records has a listing for the longest parade of pickup trucks? Neither did we. So, like you, we were shocked to learn that until August 2013, the record wasn’t even held in America -- land of the free and home of the half-ton. Nope. The record was set at a racetrack in Canada, way back in 2012. But with all due respect to our good friends to the north, such a record seems like it belongs in the States. Bringing the record back to the USA was a task tackled by the staff of Rural Radio, channel 80 on SiriusXM satellite radio. With pickups being as common on farms as sand on a beach, lining up a few hundred of them to break the record wouldn’t be too difficult. The challenge, however, was finding a venue large enough to conduct the parade, and Rural Radio found it at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. When the dust -- and diesel exhaust -- settled, 386 of the trucks officially participated in the World’s Largest Parade of Pickup Trucks, eclipsing the previous record by 113 trucks. Sorry Canada, the record is home where it belongs.