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  • 40 Years of Truckin - Blessings And Beatings

40 Years of Truckin - Blessings And Beatings

A brief history

Dan Ward
Mar 1, 2014
Photographers: Dan Ward
Truckin is written, photographed, laid out, and edited by truck people. That may seem obvious, but it would surprise you to know how many truck magazines aren’t written by enthusiasts. Looking right down the masthead, each person on staff at Truckin owns and drives a truck or SUV. Some of the magazines you may read each and every month could very well be coming from people driving compact cars, sedans, station wagons, or imports. Before I get any hate mail about Titans being built in Tennessee or Tundras built in Texas, the fact is most of our readership owns and customizes Chevy, Ford, GMC, and Ram trucks. The reason for such diverse content each month is our own fleet variety. Each of the aforementioned truck brands is represented by the staff of The World’s Leading Truck Publication.
I bring this to your attention because with this issue, Truckin turns 40 years old. Back in the beginning of 1974, a couple of the street rod and muscle car magazine editors saw a large trend in custom vans emerging and they jumped at the opportunity to provide that audience with a publication. What started out as a one-time (what we in the publishing world call a one-shot) mag, quickly grew in popularity and as the old saying goes, the rest is history. Over the last four decades, we’ve seen trends come and go, truck manufacturers/models come and go -- all while the direction and content of the magazine has adjusted to the current trends and economy. I consider it a great privilege to be at the helm during this milestone. Whereas it’s impossible to make everyone happy, we work diligently to bring you relevant content every 28 days. Just as the original mission was to inspire, educate, and entertain the custom truck enthusiast with a print magazine, we do the same in 2014, but we do it now as a media provider by way of print, web, social media, videos, events, and digital tablet versions. Here’s to the next 40 years.
Here’s some fun Truckin trivia from the last 40 years:
• Truckin got its name from the popular ’70s cartoon and slogan, “Keep on Truckin’.”
• During the 40 years Truckin has been published, there have been nine different editor-in-chiefs.
• In 1974, you could buy a Truckin magazine and a 12-pack of Coca-Cola for $2.00—and get change back.
• Our biggest issue ever was June 2002 and was a massive 442 pages.
• Since 2003, we’ve produced 13 issues a year, which means you get a new one in the mail every 28 days.
• Our most recent redesign was Issue 5 of 2012, when we officially ditched the apostrophe in the logo.



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