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  • Work Truck Review or 8-Lug - Garage Editorial

Work Truck Review or 8-Lug - Garage Editorial

Two’s Company...

Bob Carpenter
Apr 2, 2014
Welcome to another edition of Work Truck Review magazine. Yes, Work Truck Review. If you’re a regular 8-Lug HD Truck magazine reader and weren’t even aware Work Truck Review existed, I’ll fill you in.
Work Truck Review is a lot like 8-Lug -- but a lot different, too. See the van on the cover? That would never be in 8-Lug because…well, it doesn’t have eight lugs! But it’s definitely a tool used in businesses all across the country. See the fire truck on the cover? That’s not really what 8-Lug is about, either. Rather than custom trucks that are comfortable at the top shows in the nation, Work Truck Review features custom WORK trucks that go out there every day and earn their keep.
If you own a business, you know what we’re talking about. Every tool has to have value and help you make money. We’re convinced there’s a lot of people out there just like you who want to see this stuff, too. So every other issue in 2014 will be a Work Truck Review issue.
Photo 2/3   |   8 Lug Work Truck Review February Cover
But, sadly, you won’t be able to get a subscription to Work Truck Review or 8-Lug, as we still don’t have home delivery. It’s a complicated issue and one that really rankles our most loyal fans. I don’t blame them; I’d be annoyed, too -- especially if I had to drive an hour round trip to the nearest Walmart only to find out my favorite magazine was already sold out. I won’t go into all the business reasons why we won’t sign you up for a sub, but I will give you some options. First, there’s digital subscriptions through zinio.com, and you can read either magazine on your iPad, Nook, or whatever reader you have. If you really just want to get a print version of the magazine, you can always go to mymagstore.com/60558/742923/Truck--Off--Road/8-LUG.html and get the latest issue (or back issues).
Now, about our Facebook page. Man, it sure grew like a monster. We’re almost to half a MILLION likes on the page, which makes for a lively discussion. We generally let people say what they want without editing comments. We think people should have their say, unless it’s hateful…then you might notice a comment disappear. But wow, do you guys get opinionated! I mean, we’ve always known Chevy, Ford, and Ram truck owners were partial to their own brands, but it’s almost funny that many of you just want to belch out negativity directed at someone else’s pride and joy just because it’s the “wrong” brand. Whatever. Suit yourself. I happen to see good points with all three American-made HD trucks that are available in this country. I try not to focus too much on one or the other, but I’m constantly accused of being biased…usually it balances out, which proves we’re doing a decent job of spreading the love around. One thing I can tell you is that if you send a personal message on the Facebook page, it might get missed. Can you imagine how many messages we get with 500,000 people paying attention to the page?
Photo 3/3   |   8 Lug March 2014 Cover
If you’re looking to get your truck into the magazine, it starts with one photo. Just one. Send it to Bob Carpenter at Bob.Carpenter@sorc.com. Describe what you did to the truck and why. Describe yourself and what you do with your truck. Did I mention that you should send only ONE photo? My email can clog up faster than a dirty sink with the hundreds of photos some people like to send.
So, get on it. Send me a photo, and let’s talk about the possibility of getting your Chevy (GMC), Ford, or Ram (Dodge) into the magazine.
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