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  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate First Look

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate First Look

September 17, 2007

Sep 17, 2007
Traditional Mercedes-Benz values determine the appearance of the ELEGANCE line with the star standing on the bonnet in the classic fashion. The standard equipment includes two bag hooks, side stowage compartments with nets as covers and the combined luggage cover and retaining net. These practical details are tailored exactly to family and leisure needs. Available options are the new EASY-PACK tailgate, which opens and closes at the push of a button, and the EASY-PACK load-securing kit with four additional load-securing rings, telescopic bar and retractable belt.
Photo 2/11   |   mercedes Benz C Class Estate front Grill View
Four compartments for optimum tidiness
Even more ingenious stowage options are provided by the new concertina-type folding bag, which divides the load space into four flexible compartments and keeps cargo from sliding around. The robust nylon construction consists of two separate bags, each with a chamber opening downwards, which are slipped over two aluminium frame sections. The two frame sections first are firmly screwed, with no trouble at all, to the optional side floor rails on either side of the load compartment. In longitudinal direction their position is individually adjustable.
Once the bags have been slipped over these retainers, the two halves of the bag can be unfolded like a concertina and then connected with each other in the centre of the load compartment by four Velcro fasteners. The total of four compartments of the bag fully open in the process. The concertina-type folding bag also has loops by which it can be quickly removed and used outside the vehicle, too. If the bag is not needed, the two halves are simply pushed together again like a concertina and fixed to the frame sections by straps to save space. The robust, easy-care nylon fabric is washable. The scope of delivery includes a practical carrying bag with two handles in which the concertina-type folding bag can be safely stored when it is not needed.
Photo 3/11   |   mercedes Benz C Class Estate dash View
Perfectly adaptable new roof carrier system
In order to permit transporting sports and leisure equipment like bicycles, surfboards and snowboards even more conveniently, Mercedes-Benz has developed the new "easy-fix" roof carrier system, which initially is reserved exclusively for the new C-Class Estate. Owing to the well-thought-out design, the "easy-fix" carrier bars automatically adjust to the necessary width of the roof rails. Carrier bar and mounting base simultaneously are attached with the aid of a central tensioning screw, for particular quickness and ease. The supplied torque wrench ensures that the screw is optimally tightened and cannot be inadvertently overtightened. The dynamic design of the "easy-fix" carrier lends emphasis to the sophisticated styling of the new C-Class Estate.
Of course, the aerodynamically optimised Mercedes-Benz roof boxes also can be combined with the new system without any limitations. The tough and easily mounted roof boxes are available in three sizes with capacities of 330, 400 and 450 litres. Especially the family box in XL format is an answer to any transport problem for holidaymaking and recreation purposes: it has enough space to carry the complete skiing equipment, surfing paraphernalia or camping equipment of a family of four.
Photo 4/11   |   mercedes Benz C Class Estate inteiror Rear Cargo View
High-quality gas-operated struts facilitate opening and closing the splash- protected boxes, made of a high-grade plastic. Valuable cargo is well secured inside with the straps provided as standard. Specially designed holder inserts for up to five pairs of skis or practical made-to-measure bag sets additionally make for optimum use of space, tidiness and convenient loading and unloading.
More lifestyle and dynamism
The AVANTGARDE version of the new C-Class Estate emphasises the brand's sporty side without sacrificing that characteristic Mercedes comfort. The Mercedes star set in the centre of the radiator grille - a styling element used for the first time in an Estate - in conjunction with the broad tyres and aluminium interior trim suggests sportiness and effortless superiority. This design and equipment line appeals to business-minded customers who also stress lifestyle aspects.
Photo 5/11   |   mercedes Benz C Class Estate inteiror Rear Cargo View
An even greater sense of dynamism is conveyed by the incenio designer wheels of Mercedes-Benz. With their progressive design they underscore the versatile Estate's aura of effortless superiority. Optimising the weight of the wheel reduces unsprung masses, making the response characteristics of the suspension even more direct. The crowning touch is provided by the 18-inch model "Pulaha" , with five slender twin spokes, in siz e 7.5J x 18 ET 47 with 225/40 R18 tyres for the front wheels, and size 8.5J x 18 ET 58 with tyres 245/35 R18 for the rear wheels.
In addition, two further exclusive incenio designer wheels, 17-inch and 16-inch models, are available for the new C-Class Estate. The entire incenio range features a brilliant "sterling silver" paint finish with an impressively deep lustre. All wheels are luxuriously finished with up to four paint coats and optimally protected against corrosion. The light-alloy wheels are either forged or cast in high-grade aluminium alloy and subjected to ten hours of special heat treatment, which significantly increases the strength of the wheels. As with standard equipment, all wheel and tyre sizes are entered in the European Certification of Conformity (COC) or are supplied with equivalent certificates.
Photo 6/11   |   mercedes Benz C Class Estate inteiror Rear Cargo View
Those who wish to further individualise the dynamic look can set accents of their own with the harmoniously matched roof spoiler. This beautifully designed add-on part can be fitted by any Mercedes-Benz dealer with no problem at all and painted the colour of the car. High-gloss chrome-plated exterior mirror housings and door handle recesses along with indicator lamps in chrome look add tasteful highlights.
The spacious interior also can be individually refined to match the exclusive exterior. The four-spoke wood/leather steering wheel emphasises dynamic elegance and affords additional comfort with a thumb rest. It can be had in any of the three fine woods bird's-eye maple, eucalyptus or burr walnut to go together with the rest of the interior. Illuminated door sill panels made of brushed stainless steel let the "Mercedes-Benz" lettering gleam in blue every time the doors open.
Convenient phone use via Bluetooth link
The high-end Bluetooth telephony solution permits almost unlimited freedom of phone use. With the phone module Bluetooth SAP Profile on board, your mobile phone can simply stay put in your jacket pocket or handbag. The connection to the vehicle is set up fully automatically and wirelessly via Bluetooth radio. The module has merely one pushbutton which initiates the so-called pairing process to establish the very first connection between mobile phone and module. Afterwards the connection always functions automatically. Thanks to the SAP profile (SIM Access Profile), the phone module automatically accesses the SIM card. In addition, it is possible to access the phone's internal memory, too, allowing the user to make direct use of data such as stored phone numbers. Owing to integration in the vehicle, the phone functions can be safely and conveniently used via the multifunction steering wheel, the audio system and the central display in the instrument cluster.
Photo 7/11   |   mercedes Benz C Class Estate interior View
Just as comfortably, safely and user-friendly, travellers can take along their personal choice of music on their tours. With the iPod Interface Kit Mercedes-Benz enables complete incorporation of the Apple iPod into the car audio system, making direct access to as many as 15,000 stored pieces of music possible. When the iPod is joined with the interface plug in the glove compartment, the on-board electronics communicate directly with the MP3 player. Networking with the audio system takes place automatically. Switching the player on merely requires pushing a button on the car radio. The driver then navigates through the iPod menu with the buttons of the standard-fit multifunction steering wheel . The display cluster on the dashboard shows among other things the title being played and the performer as well as the playback mode of the MP3 player.
A special advantage of the Mercedes-Benz solution: other connected devices, for example a CD changer, remain fully functional because the iPod Interface Kit is connected with the audio system by means of a separate interface. The mobile jukebox is held securely in place by the snug-fitting iPod cradle, which fits into the glove compartment.
Photo 8/11   |   mercedes Benz C Class Estate inteiror Rear Seat View
Photo 9/11   |   mercedes Benz C Class Estate door Handle View
Photo 10/11   |   mercedes Benz C Class Estate center Console View
Photo 11/11   |   mercedes Benz C Class Estate interior View


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