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  • SEMA Has Done Its Homework: SUV Figures for 2008

SEMA Has Done Its Homework: SUV Figures for 2008

July 1, 2009

Benson Kong
Jul 1, 2009
Photographers: The Manufacturer
SEMA has done its homework on the SUV segment and has released some important numbers and figures on what happened in 2008.
Photo 2/2   |   2009 Jeep Wrangler front Drivers Three Quarters View
As we all know, auto sales took it in the gut last year, as a combination of economic factors helped depress sales across the board. SUV sales in 2008 took a 39-percent decline compared with 2007, with sales getting progressively worse as the year went on. The first quarter of 2008 saw a 26-percent drop, in light of crude oil hitting $100/barrel for the first time ever, subsequently driving fuel prices to previously unseen levels. The second quarter brought a 39-percent decline, the third quarter 43 percent, and the fourth quarter 50 percent.
Despite the lower sales, the SUV segment remains an important one with the continued growth of the crossover class and the continuous need for vehicles larger than standard passenger vehicles.
In the tables below are the top new SUV sales, top 20 U.S. SUV registrations, and various statistics on the most popular accessories purchased by SUV enthusiasts.

Top New SUV Sales
Make/Model2008 Q42007 Q4% Change2008 January - December2007 January - December% Change
Jeep Wrangler19,48026,694-27%84,615119,243-29%
Jeep Grand Cherokee16,34527,691-41%73,678120,937-39%
Chevrolet Tahoe14,24036,612-61%91,578146,256-37%
Ford Explorer14,10029,282-52%78,439137,817-43%
Jeep Liberty12,61823,240-46%66,91192,105-27%
Chevrolet Suburban12,40121,123-41%54,05883,673-35%
Ford Expedition11,85119,074-38%55,12390,287-39%
Toyota 4Runner10,57220,734-49%47,87887,718-45%
Kia Sorento9,6996,61347%31,56836,300-13%
Chevrolet TrailBlazer9,59731,176-69%74,878134,626-44%
GMC Yukon8,48817,185-51%39,06463,428-38%
Toyota FJ Cruiser6,97211,942-42%28,66855,170-48%
GMC Yukon XL6,84011,269-39%26,40445,303-42%
Dodge Nitro6,29719,036-67%36,36874,825-51%
Cadillac Escalade6,2289,376-34%23,94736,654-35%
Toyota Sequoia6,1015,31415%30,69323,27332%
Jeep Commander5,04012,903-61%27,69463,027-56%
Chrysler Aspen4,5736,320-28%22,25428,788-23%
Hummer H34,12510,141-59%21,37343,430-51%
Dodge Durango4,0817,992-49%21,42045,503-53%
Total SUV225,623447,038-50%1,163,8001,915,794-39%
Source: SEMA

Top 20 U.S. SUV Registrations
Ford Explorer4,337,795
Jeep Grand Cherokee2,953,706
Chevrolet Suburban2,040,373
Chevrolet Tahoe1,919,180
Ford Expedition1,811,792
Chevrolet Blazer1,585,101
Toyota 4Runner1,524,614
Chevrolet TrailBlazer1,442,482
Jeep Wrangler1,345,524
Jeep Cherokee1,340,053
Dodge Durango1,167,523
Jeep Liberty985,530
Nissan Pathfinder907,538
GMC Yukon803,223
Nissan Xterra610,471
Chevrolet S10 Blazer469,562
GMC Yukon XL468,891
Isuzu Rodeo467,161
GMC Envoy458,321
Mercury Mountaineer453,180
Source: Experian Automotive, Registrations as of 12/31/2008

Top 2008 SEMA Show SUVs Displayed
Make/ModelCount% of Total Vehicles
Jeep Wrangler623.80%
Toyota FJ Cruiser110.67%
Land Rover Range Rover80.49%
Cadillac Escalade70.43%
Chevrolet Tahoe70.43%
Hummer H260.37%
Hummer H360.37%
Jeep Grand Cherokee40.25%
Kia Borrego40.25%
Ford Expedition30.18%
Jeep Liberty30.18%
Land Rover Discovery30.18%
Toyota 4Runner30.18%
Toyota Sequoia30.18%
Source: SEMA

Top 10 Accessories Purchased in the Past 12 Months by "Enthusiasts" that Drive SUVs
Product% of Enthusiasts Who Purchased
Trailer Hitch31%
Exterior Lighting - Headlights, Taillights, etc.25%
Alarm System24%
Floor Mats - Custom24%
Fog Lights - Custom24%
Stereo - Head Unit23%
Bumper/Bumper Cover22%
GPS Navigation System22%
Tow Winch22%
Stereo - Mid-range Speakers20%
Source: SEMA

Top 10 Performance Parts Purchased in the Past 12 Months by "Enthusiasts" that Drive SUVs
Product% of Enthusiasts Who Purchased
Air Intake - Performance Air Filter Replacement36%
Exhaust Kit - Pipes/Muffler/etc.33%
Air Intake - Cold Air Intake Conversion31%
Ignition Wires/Spark Plugs22%
Exhaust Headers19%
Engine Performance Chip/Computer/Tuner17%
Engine Fan14%
*Total SUV Owners Surveyed = 263
Source: SEMA

Top 10 Wheel, Tire and Suspension Parts Purchased in the Past 12 Months by "Enthusiasts" that Drive SUVs
Product% of Enthusiasts Who Purchased
Tires - Plus-sized38%
Springs/Shocks/Suspension/Sway Bars38%
Suspension - Lift Kits31%
Wheels - Custom29%
Limited Slip/Locking Differential28%
Suspension - Shocks27%
Brake Caliper/Rotor Kits22%
Tires - Performance17%
Brake Kits - Performance16%
Suspension - Leaf Springs16%
*Total SUV Owners Surveyed = 263
Source: SEMA

Source: SEMA

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