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  • GMC Adds High-Tech Features to Its Paper Brochure

GMC Adds High-Tech Features to Its Paper Brochure

Jason Udy
May 25, 2011
For the ever changing pace of technology GM plans to revamp its 2012 GMC product catalog in several ways. The first is to embed interactive technology within the pages.
Photo 2/14   |   2012 GMC Sierra 1500 Rear Side View.jp
"The way consumers connect with brands and research their next vehicle purchases is different today than it was just a couple of years ago," said John Gasloli, GMC advertising and sales promotion manager. "The 2012 catalog provides customers with a multimedia format, fully integrating photography and video, print and social media."
Upon first look the obvious change to the catalog will be photos of several GMC vehicles doing hard labor. GMC loaned Sierras, Yukons, Acadias, Terrains, Canyons and Savanas to help five different communities for use in real-life service projects
Photo 3/14   |   2012 Gmc Sierra HD 3500 Front View.jp
GMC loaned four pick-ups - three Sierras and one Canyon - to Geraldson Community Farm in Bradenton, FL which were used to deliver and install a water conservation system.
Next, The Onrust Project in Schenectady, N.Y. used three Sierras and two Acadias to haul supplies needed to construct a replica of the first Dutch yacht built in North America. The yacht is being built using authentic 17th century Dutch building techniques and will become a floating museum and classroom.
Photo 4/14   |   2012 GMC Acadia SLT Top View.jp
Raw materials and three 12-foor-wide metal-worked sculptures were hauled from artist Robert Lobe's studio in Newark N.J. to Prospect Park in Brooklyn by three loaned Sierras, one Yukon and one Terrain. The sculptures were created for a public exhibit along the Appalachian Trail.
Multiple Savanas and Terrains were loaned to help transport the Texas Stampede, the U.S. quadriplegic rugby team, and its equipment to and from workouts and scrimmages in Texas.
Photo 5/14   |   2012 GMC Terrain SLT Rear View.jp
Lastly, GMC loaned Sierras, Canyons and Yukons to the American Wild Horse Sanctuary at Return to Freedom Ranch in Santa Barbara, CA. The vehicles were used in daily ranch activities and material transport.
The digital interactive and social media features in the catalogs will have embedded quick-response codes read by smartphones (or tablet computers with cameras) to access a mobile site and videos about GMC vehicles and the aforementioned community projects. They will also be able to link to GMC's Facebook page.



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