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  • Sales Roundup 2011: Ford F-Series the Mother Trucker, Honda Ridgeline Takes Major Hit

Sales Roundup 2011: Ford F-Series the Mother Trucker, Honda Ridgeline Takes Major Hit

Karla Sanchez
Jan 6, 2012
Ford's truck sales came out on top in 2011, with the EcoBoost engine in the F-Series helping overall sales numbers for Ford trucks land at a cool 655,749. The F-Series, predictably, was the volume leader, with 584,917 units sold in 2011. The V-6 EcoBoost accounts for a large chunk of that figure, as the automaker recently celebrated having reached the 100,000 sales mark for the more fuel-efficient engine. In December 2011 alone, 68, 278 F-Series were sold, which is up 10.7 percent from the 54,888 sold last year. The Ranger compact pickup sold 70,832 in 2011, and despite coming up 27.9 percent versus the 55, 364 sold in 2010, the automaker gave the Ranger the axe, ending its 28-year production run due to sagging sales. Ironically, year-over-year numbers represented a healthy increase at 57.3 percent, with 6718 units sold in December 2011 compared to the 4271 sold in December 2010.
Photo 2/8   |   2011 Ford F 150 EcoBoost Lariat SuperCrew Front Three Quarters View
Combined truck sales for GM totaled 625,004 for 2011, which is still quite a bit away from Ford's overall truck sales. Leading the way was the Chevrolet Silverado, with 415,130 units sold -- a 12.2 percent increase over the 2010 annual total. December 2011 sales also represented an increase of 12.4 percent, with 47,787 units sold versus the 42518 sold during the same month a year before. Coming in second was the GMC Sierra, with 149,170 trucks sold -- a 14.9 increase compared to the 129,794 sold in 2010. Looking at December 2011 sales though, the Sierra was down 1.8 percent, with 16,495 sold - exactly 300 less than December 2010. The next best-seller was the Chevrolet Colorado, with 31,026 sold for the 2011 year, which is up 25.9 percent over the 24,642 sold in 2010. Year-over-year sales are up as well. In December 2011, 2970 units were sold, which is slightly higher than the 2387 sold in December 2010. Next in line is the Chevrolet Avalanche, with 20,888 sold for the year. Although its annual sales are down 2.1 percent over 2010, year-over-year sales are up 20.9 percent, with 2546 sold in December 2011 versus the 2106 that were sold during the same month in 2010. Coming in last for GM trucks is the GMC Canyon, which is down 13.1 percent with year-over-year sales. In December 2011, only 716 units were sold, a slight dip from the 826 that were sold in December 2010. Year-to-date totals though, are up by 20 percent, with 9590 Canyons moved off the lot - much better than the 7992 sold in 2010 overall.
Photo 3/8   |   2011 GMC Sierra Passengers Side View
The Ram pickup truck also fared well in 2011. Annual totals were up 23 percent compared to 2010 totals, with 244,763 sold versus the 199,652 sold the year prior. Year-over-year December sales also jumped 12 percent, with the 26,013 units sold surpassing the 23,241 units sold in December 2010.
Photo 4/8   |   2011 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman
The year 2011 wasn't a bad one for Nissan trucks, as the Japanese automaker improved sales of its midsize Frontier pickup by 27.9 percent, with sales totaling 51,700 units compared to 40,427 in 2010. The Frontier also saw a strong December, with sales of 5626 units versus 3783 the same month last year -- a gain of 48.7 percent. The slow-selling full-size Nissan Titan saw a dip in sales for 2011, selling a total of 21,994 units for a 6.1-percent decrease from the 23,416 Titan models sold last year. The Titan saw an 8.8-percent gain in December, however, selling 2386 units versus the 2193 units sold in December 2010. Nissan's NV commercial van, new for 2011, sold 6444 units for the year and 1230 in December alone.
Photo 5/8   |   2011 Nissan Frontier Front Three Quarters 3
Truck sales for Toyota were relatively strong in 2011, with the Tacoma leading sales volume at 110,705 units sold for the year, an increase of 4.2 percent over the 106,198 units sold in 2010. The Tacoma also finished strong in December, having sold 12,140 units for the month -- 10.7 percent more than the 10,970 units sold the same month last year. The Tundra took a hit to its sales, affected by the March earthquake and tsunami that crippled Toyota's supply lines. The full-size truck sold 82,908 units in 2011, a decrease of 11.1 percent compared to the 93,309 units sold last year. That's still a good deal more than the 21,994 Titan models Nissan sold in 2011, and is especially noteworthy being that Nissan's North American operations were much less affected by the events in Japan compared to Toyota and Honda. The Tundra finished the year by selling 9042 units in December, a figure down 9.7 percent from the 10,013 units sold the same period in 2010.
Photo 6/8   |   2011 Toyota Tacoma TX Double Cab 4x4 Front Three Quarters Static
Rumors swirled that the Ridgeline wouldn't be around for much longer, but the automaker denied those claims and announced that the truck would solider on despite low sales numbers. And the Ridgeline sales figures for 2011 could be described as tepid, at best. It took a major hit, with only 9759 Honda trucks sold, which represents a 39.7 decrease over the 16,142 sold in 2010. Year-over-year December sales were up 21.2 percent, with 1468 sold in December 2011 versus the 1211 sold in December 2010.
Photo 7/8   |   2011 Honda Ridgeline Front Three Quarters
The Equator, even though low volume-selling compared to its competitors, didn't have too bad of a year either, seeing an increase in both year-to-date and year-over-year sales. Annual totals are up 47 percent, with 2127 sold in 2011 versus the 1447 sold in 2010. December 2011 sales also jumped 25 percent, with 164 units sold, which is roughly 30 more than the 131 sold in December 2010.
Photo 8/8   |   2011 Suzuki Equator In Motion
Source: Suzuki, GM, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Ram, Nissan



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