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  • July 2012 Truck Sales - Ram Biggest Percentage Gainer, Ford Flat, GM Down

July 2012 Truck Sales - Ram Biggest Percentage Gainer, Ford Flat, GM Down

Sales Party Over For Most, Cumulative 2012 Sales Generally Up

Aug 1, 2012
The double-digit year-over-year gains that characterized most months of 2012 have changed for most brands to flat or negative numbers for July 2012. However, the strong sales for the first half of the year have given most brands a positive cumulative sales figure for the same period last year, but a few more negative months could bring the 2012 totals close.
The exceptions to the rule were the import brands, most of which showed modest to strong double-digit year-over-year gains, but generally lower volumes than the domestics, with the exception of the Toyota Tacoma, which surpassed the GMC Sierra to become the fourth best-selling truck for July, edging it out by 245 units for the month.
1. Ford F-Series - 49,314, Up 0.4 Percent
Up a scant 0.4 percent over last year, the F-Series July 2012 sales are off considerably from June's pace, with 5711 fewer units sold, and well off the record March by nearly 9000 units. The refreshed 2013 F-150 is due in showrooms soon, so the update could bring the totals up in the months ahead. The year-to-date sales picture looks a little better for the F-Series, with sales up 11.9 percent for a total of 350,455 units.
Photo 2/13   |   2013 Ford F Series Super Duty Platinum Front Red
2. Chevrolet Silverado - 28,927, Down 12.5 Percent
Having enjoyed double-digit year-over-year gains for several months of 2012, July saw the tables turn for the Chevrolet Silverado, with sales down 12.5 percent compared to last year. Year-to-date, Silverado sales are up a modest 3.5 percent, for a total of 223,480 units.
Photo 3/13   |   2013 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ Front View
3. Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 - 23,824, Up 17 Percent
Ram was the only truck brand of the Detroit Three to show a double-digit percentage gain for July. Sales were up 17 percent year-over-year, and only 127 units shy of last month's total, which was also a double-digit gain over June 2011 sales. Year-to-date sales are up 23 percent, for a total of 162,405 units sold.
Photo 4/13   |   2013 Ram 1500 Front View
4. Toyota Tacoma - 11,350, Up 27.1 Percent
The Toyota Tacoma bumped off the GMC Sierra to take fourth place in this month's sales race. Although off last month's torrid percentage gain of 45.9 percent, its double-digit year-over-year gain is a solid performance in the context of this months' results. Its year-to-date sales are up a solid 27 percent, for a total of 78,503 units.
Photo 5/13   |   29 2011 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport
5. GMC Sierra - 11,105, Down 11.8 Percent
After seeing a huge 22.7 percent gain for May, July's numbers have to be a disappointment for GMC. But the brand can take some solace in year-to-date sales being up 4.8 percent, with a total of 84,050 sold so far.
Photo 6/13   |   2013 GMC Sierra XFE Front
6. Toyota Tundra - 9176, Up 18.2 Percent
2012 has been a good year for the Tundra, with multiple double-digit gainer months, and even a few triple-digit increases. July's 18.2 percent gain isn't the highest percentage gain seen for the year, but in the context of the domestic's disappointing figures, is very respectable. Year-to-date sales are up 14 percent, with 54,287 units sold.
Photo 7/13   |   09 2011 Toyota Tundra TRD 4x4
7. Nissan Frontier - 5611, Up 16.1 Percent
Compared to the Tacoma, the Frontier's sales figures may seem modest, but posting a double-digit gain in the context of this overall June market is nothing to sneeze at. July sales were up 16.1 percent year-over-year. Year-to-date gains are slightly better, up 23.8 percent, for a total of 34,996 units sold.
Photo 8/13   |   2011 Nissan Frontier Front End 4
8. Chevrolet Colorado - 4096, Up 29.3 Percent
In stark contrast to its big brother Silverado, the Colorado had a relatively solid sales month for July, posting a 29.3 percent year-over-year gain. Year-to-date, the picture is even brighter, with 2012 sales up 32.5 percent for a total of 25,553 units sold.
Photo 9/13   |   2012 Global Market Chevrolet Colorado Passengers Side Front Three Quarters
9. Nissan Titan - 2028, Up 11.4 Percent
Never a huge volume player in the fullsize segment, the Titan had a modest, but respectable 11.4 percent year-over-year increase. That's down considerably on a percentage basis from June's 41.6 percent year-over-year gain, but at this sales level, just a few units can make a big percentage difference. On a year-to-date basis, the Titan is up 18.8 percent, for a total of 12,707 units.
Photo 10/13   |   2012 Nissan Titan Front View
10. Honda Ridgeline - 981, Up 160.2 Percent
The Honda Ridgeline's eye-popping percentage gain has to be put in perspective with its comparatively dismal July 2011 sales of only 377 units. Year-to-date gains for the Ridgeline are more modest on a percentage basis, but still respectable, up 48.3 percent for a total of 8250 units sold.
Photo 11/13   |   2012 Honda Ridgeline
11. GMC Canyon - 720, Down 49.4 Percent Although nearly identical, the GMC Canyon did not enjoy the same relative good fortune as the Chevrolet Colorado did this month. But thanks to some relatively strong months earlier in the year, year-to-date sales for the Canyon are up 14.2 percent for a total of 6361 units.
Photo 12/13   |   2011 GMC Canyon In Motion
12. Ford Ranger - 413, Down 93.6 Percent
The other domestic models may have had a down month, but the Ranger takes the cake for the biggest percentage decline. But considering it's a discontinued model with no announced U.S. replacement on the horizon, dealers are probably happy to move as many as they can. The year-to-date picture isn't much better, with 2012 down 48.3 percent, for a total of 18,855 units.
Photo 13/13   |   2012 Ford Ranger Passengers Side In Motion



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