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  • August 2012 Truck Sales: Ford, Ram, Toyota Post Big Gains

August 2012 Truck Sales: Ford, Ram, Toyota Post Big Gains

Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra Show Smaller Gains

Sep 4, 2012
July seemed to forecast an overall cooling of truck sales industry-wide, but the kickoff of the fall sales season with end-of-summer deals gave the industry a noticeable shot in the arm. Sales are up considerably from last month and most models showed a sizeable gain from August 2011. Year-to-date totals are also ahead of 2011 totals for the most part.
Of the Detroit Three, General Motors showed the most modest gains, the Chevrolet Silverado gaining four percent and the GMC Sierra showing a 9.4-percent increase. Although respectable, those gains pale in comparison to the 19 percent gains seen by both Ram and Ford. It was a bit of a mixed bag for the midsize models. The Toyota Tacoma posted a strong 41 percent year-over-year gain, the Nissan Frontier gained 12.8 percent from last year, and the Chevrolet Colorado gained 66.8 percent as production came to an end. However, its GMC Canyon cousin didn't fare as well, declininig 56.3 percent to just 702 units.
Photo 2/13   |   2012 Ford F 250 Super Duty Front Three Quarters View
1. Ford F-Series - 58,201, Up 19.3 Percent
After last month's sub-one-percent gain, the F-Series is back with a vengeance for August, posting a solid 19.3 percent gain. The year-to-date totals for the F-Series also look strong too, with sales up 12.9 percent for the year and a total of 408,656 units sold through August.
2. Chevrolet Silverado - 38,295, Up 4.0 Percent
The Silverado's August gains might be modest compared to the F-Series' performance, but it's a good deal better than July's double-digit dip. The year-to-date percentage gains largely mirror last month's performance, up 3.6 percent with a cumulative total of 261,775 units sold.
Photo 3/13   |   2012 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ Front End
3. Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 - 25,215, Up 19 Percent
Ram continues its selling streak with another double-digit gainer month. While both Ford and GM were flat to down in July, Ram was up double-digits, and has been for each month of 2012. With the 2013 Ram 1500 just around the corner with its headline-grabbing 25 mpg V-6 fuel economy, as well as a host of other upgrades, expect Ram sales to stay pedal-to-the-metal in the fall.
Photo 4/13   |   2012 Ram 1500 Tradesman With Chrome Appearance Group
4. GMC Sierra - 14,495, Up 9.4 Percent
The GMC Sierra took back its fourth-place ranking from the Toyota Tacoma, posting a respectable 9.4-percent gain. The Sierra's year-to-date sales total is up 5.5 percent, bringing cumulative sales close to the six-figure mark at 98,545.
Photo 5/13   |   2012 GMC Sierra SLE Front End
5. Toyota Tacoma - 12,193, Up 41 Percent
The Tacoma remains the best-selling midsize truck by a considerable margin, out-selling the Nissan Frontier by more than two-to-one and the Colorado by more than three-to-one. August's sales performance put the Tacoma even further at the head of the pack after it posted a robust 41-percent year-over-year gain.
Photo 6/13   |   2012 Toyota Tacoma Front
6. Toyota Tundra - 11,347, Up 68.1 Percent
The Toyota Tundra finally broke through the five-figure mark for August, its sales up by more than 2000 units over July, and a whopping 68.1 percent over August 2011. Although still nowhere close to matching Detroit's dominance of the fullsize segment, the Tundra came within 3148 units of the GMC Sierra's sales total for the month. Year-to-date sales are up 20.7 percent for the year with a cumulative total of 65,634 units.
Photo 7/13   |   2012 Toyota Tundra Double Cab Front Three Quarters 3
7. Nissan Frontier - 5464, Up 12.8 Percent
Though it's still no threat to the Tacoma's segment domination, the Nissan Frontier nevertheless performed respectably in August, posting a double-digit gain year-over-year and contributing to a year-to-date gain of 22.2 percent. Cumulative sales for the year total 40,460.
Photo 8/13   |   2012 Nissan Frontier King Cab Front Three Quarter Static 2
8. Chevrolet Colorado - 4222, Up 66.8 Percent
The Chevrolet Colorado had a strong July performance, posting a 29.3 percent gain, but its August performance was even better, up 66.8 percent year-over-year. This helped contribute to a year-to-date gain of 36.5 percent, and a year-to-date sales total just shy of 30,000 units.
Photo 9/13   |   2012 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Crew Cab Drivers Side Front Three Quarters
9. Nissan Titan - 1907, Down 19 Percent
The Nissan Titan's August sales performance did nothing to change its perception as a bit player in the fullsize segment. Its double-digit drop to less than 2000 units sold shows that consumers have grown tired of the minimal updates given to the truck since its introduction in 2004. Although some updates are in store for 2013 ahead of a full redesign, the Titan has a lot of ground to make up before it can hope to be a major player.
Photo 10/13   |   2012 Nissan Titan Front View
10. Honda Ridgeline - 919, Up 329.4 Percent
The Honda Ridgeline takes the prize this month for posting the biggest percentage gain, but proper context applies for Honda's unconventional midsizer. It still fell short of four figures and is not even approaching the major players in the segment. Its cumulative total for the year of 9169 units. Though that's up a 58.7 percent, the figure is 3024 less than the Tacoma's sales for August alone.
Photo 11/13   |   2012 Honda Ridgeline Side
11. GMC Canyon - 702, Down 56.3 Percent
The GMC Canyon's August sales performance was the near total inverse of that of the Colorado. It's poor August performance follows a disappointing July, contributing to a year-to-date decrease of 1.6 percent compared to 2011, with a total of 7063 units sold to-date for 2012.
Photo 12/13   |   2011 GMC Canyon Front Drivers Side Three Quarters
12. Ford Ranger - 198, Down 96.8 Percent
The Ranger's precipitous sales decline shows the sell-off of remaining 2011 models is winding down, marking the end of an era for Ford's small truck in the U.S. market. Still a well-regarded model in global markets, Ford remains convinced its F-Series strategy in the U.S. market is the way to go. The Ranger's year-to-date sales picture isn't much rosier, its year-to-date sales down 55.3 percent with a cumulative sales total of 19,053. Expect the Ranger to drop off this list completely in a matter of months.
Photo 13/13   |   2011 Ford Ranger Sport Front View
13. Suzuki Equator - NA



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