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  • Randy Slawson Wins 2013 King of the Hammers

Randy Slawson Wins 2013 King of the Hammers

Ninth-Place Qualifier Takes Top Overall Spot

Feb 19, 2013
One of the most grueling and technical off-road competitions, the 2013 King of the Hammers continued the competition's reputation for being challenging. And in this year's competition, placement in the qualifying rounds was not necessarily indicative of the final results, with the exception of Shannon Campbell, who took second place in qualifying and second place overall. Randy Slawson, who came in ninth in qualifying in the Last Chance Qualifier class, took the overall victory with an elapsed time of 7:28:10.
Photo 2/7   |   2013 King Of The Hammers Randy Slawson 01
The 182-mile race consists of three laps, with the first consisting of a high-speed open desert course, and the last two of the technical Hammers rock-crawling trails. The attrition rate during the competition was significant, with only 27 out of 129 competitors finishing the race. Slawson's unusual strategy of taking on the 10-foot Backdoor Trail vertical rock wall on his second lap paid off, whereas most competitors don't tackle the challenge until the last lap.
Photo 3/7   |   2013 King Of The Hammers Randy Slawson Front
Off-Road superstar Robby Gordon came in fourth in qualifying, but got a DNF in the final results. First-place qualifier Jason Scherer came in 21st overall with a time of 13:33:07.
In addition to the professional competitors, the King of the Hammers competition includes an Every Man Challenge class for stock and modified vehicles, as well as UTVs. Taking first place in the 4600-series Stock Class was Matt Peterson in a stock Jeep Grand Cherokee. First-place in the 4500 Stock Modified Class was John Currie in a V-8-powered Jeep Wrangler. Jim Marsden of the UK took the first-place time in his Land Rover, but was penalized for competition-spec tires and a non-compliant steering system. Vehicles in the 4600 Class must run 37-inch DOT-approved tires.
Photo 4/7   |   2013 King Of The Hammers Randy Slawson
Peterson was the only competitor in his class to successfully complete the race, and of the 33 entries in the 4500 Class, only five finished. In the UTV Every Man competition, only Jon Crowley and Matt Enochs finished in a field of 35 vehicles.
Source: Ultra4 Racing

2013 King of the Hammers Qualifying
Qualifying Order Vehicle Number Driver Qualifying Time
1 76 Jason Scherer 03:19.1
2 5 Shannon Campbell 03:24.7
3 80 TJ Flores 03:25.8
4 77 Robby Gordon 03:41.0
5 4486 Marcos Gomez 03:41.8
6 67 Loren Healy 03:43.1
7 4417 Matthew Messer 03:44.3
8 4454 JT Stephens 03:47.3
9 4448 Randy Slawson 03:47.7
10 4420 Derek West 03:48.0

2013 King of the Hammers Final Results
Finishing Order Vehicle Number Driver Start Time Finish Time Elapsed Time
1 4448 Randy Slawson 8:02:00 15:30:10 7:28:10
2 5 Shannon Campbell 8:00:00 15:48:41 7:48:41
3 144 Chicky Barton 8:05:30 16:29:20 8:23:50
4 4421 Erik Miller 8:03:30 16:40:22 8:36:52
5 4461 Ben Napier 8:03:30 17:40:42 9:37:12
6 4420 Derek West 8:02:00 18:16:32 10:14:32
7 4138 Craig Ross 8:11:00 18:36:21 10:25:21
8 27 Jon Cagliero 8:07:00 19:01:24 10:54:24
9 966 Jason Blanton 8:08:30 19:36:18 11:27:48
10 4417 Matthew Messer 8:01:30 19:51:38 11:50:08


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