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  • Geneva 2013: Tuner SUV Roundup

Geneva 2013: Tuner SUV Roundup

When Money, and Taste Are No Object

Mar 5, 2013
Although the show best known for outlandish custom vehicles is undeniably the annual SEMA show in the city that defines excess (at least in the U.S.), Las Vegas, it’s not the only show that has crazy customs. And although some shows, like Los Angeles and Detroit, relegate the “tuners” to the basement or other off-the-beaten-path halls, in Geneva, the tuner cars are intermixed with the “official” debuts from the manufacturers.

Sometimes awesome, and often odd, these creations stretch the boundaries of taste and fashion. Then again, looking back at some of the styles and colors of cars and clothing from decades past, today’s tacky could be tomorrow’s status quo. We rounded up four noteworthy tuner SUVs from the 2013 Geneva show. We’ll let you be the judge of these specimens’ style.
Hamann Mystere Range Rover
If you find the styling of the new 2013 Range Rover just too conservative and understated, not to worry. Hamann has just the fix for you. Its Mystere package for the flagship SUV includes a pinkish-chrome paint job applied to an equally obnoxious wide-body kit and other styling "enhancements." Hamann says the color "exhibits nothing more than self-confidence." We can think of a few more things it exhibits, but we digress. The wide-body kit adds a little more than 3 inches to the width of the vehicle, and includes a carbon-fiber hood, front wings and side skirts made of GFK composite.
Photo 2/22   |   Hamann Range Rover Rear
If 22-inch wheels just don't give you the road presence you want, the Mystere has 23-inch rims and 305/30-23 Continental tires to complement the 1.5-inch lowering kit. Hamann is also especially proud of the exhaust tips, which are not made of sheetmetal or rolled tubing, but milled from a solid chunk of metal.
Photo 3/22   |   Hamann Range Rover Front
No information on how much this package costs, but suffice to say if you can afford a stock Range Rover's price approaching six figures, and you actually find this look appealing, far be it from us to tell you how to spend your money.
Hamann Spyridon Mercedes-Benz G-Class
Slightly less subtle than the Mystere, Hamann's take on the Mercedes-Benz G-Class nonetheless exudes questionable extravagance, in the form of a matte-black paint job with gold accents. But the most unique feature of the Spyridon is its electro-luminescent paint details, which illuminates the Hamann logo on the hood and spare tire carrier, thanks to an electro-reactive paint which illuminates with the application of a small amount of electrical current. Like its Range Rover counterpart, the Spyridon has a 3-inch wide-body kit, and rolls on 24-inch wheels and tires.
Photo 7/22   |   Hamann Spyridon G Wagon
However questionable the styling upgrades may be, we have no quibbles with the performance mods, which boost output of the not-available-in-the-U.S. G65 AMG V-12 from 612 to 702 hp, and torque from 738 lb-ft to 811 lb-ft. For G-Wagen owners who have "just" the G63 AMG model, the Hamann tweaks bump horsepower to 610 and torque to 645 lb-ft.
Interior appointments are no less understated than the interior, with gold diamond-stitch leather inserts in the seats and door panels, and carbon fiber applied liberally in the cabin.
Startech Range Rover
Brabus sub-brand Startech offers some comparatively modest upgrades to the 2013 Range Rover in the form of what it calls a "sporty-elegant" design program with two different styles of 22-inch wheels, a 1.5-inch suspension lowering kit, engine performance tuning, a sport exhaust system, and customized interior options.
Photo 11/22   |   Startech Range Rover Front View
The model shown at Geneva looked like any number of Range Rovers driving the streets of West Los Angeles, South Beach, or Manhattan. But the interior photos show an eye-catching red and black two-tone custom leather upholstery package for those that like just a little bit of pimp to their ride. Other interior accoutrements include an aircraft-style tray-table for the rear seat, and what appear to be glow-in-the-dark floor mats.
Mansory Mercedes-Benz G-Class
Swiss tuner Mansory has recently made a name for itself by making questionable modifications to a variety of exotic models such as Bentleys, Bugattis, Range Rovers, and others, some of which have included actual performance upgrades.
Photo 14/22   |   Mansory Mercedes Benz G Class Front Three Quarters View
But the Alpine tuning outfit's offerings for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class this year are primarily of the cosmetic variety, with a variety of carbon-fiber accessories for Stuttgart's boxy standard-bearer. Although the material is often used in the construction of lightweight chassis and bodies, most of Mansory's G-Wagen baubles are add-on pieces, with the exception of its carbon fiber hood, which replaces the G's standard sheetmetal hood. However, any weight savings on the 5600-pound behemoth are likely minimal.
So what all can you get to carbonize your G-Class? A-pillar "spats," mirror caps, front bumper lip, rear taillight surrounds, and most ironic on the G's bricklike body, a rear spoiler. Available interior upgrades are listed as "limitless" (limited only by the depth of the buyer's bank account or credit limit) with custom upholstery, carbon fiber trim and aluminum sport pedals among the options.
800 Widestar
Just in case the off-road-capable G65 AMG didn’t already seem excessive enough, Brabus has also tweaked it. New turbochargers, intercoolers, air boxes, and exhausts, plus a retuned computer, permit the 6.0-liter V-12 engine to offer the same 788 hp and 1047 lb-ft as the 800 Roadster. The four-wheel-drive SUV can reportedly hit 62 mph in 4.2 seconds and its top speed is limited to 155 mph — although Brabus claims the Widestar is powerful enough to reach 168 mph.
Photo 20/22   |   Brabus 800 G65 AMG Live
The Widestar name means the G65 AMG’s body has been stretched, by virtue of big fender flares that add 4.7 inches of width. The running boards now have LED illumination, and 23-inch wheels come standard. Also included is an updated suspension with Bilstein components and a two-way adaptive setting. Leather, Alcantara, wood, and carbon-fiber interior trim round out the changes.
Photo 21/22   |   Brabus 800 G65 AMG Rear Three Quarter
This kit can be applied to either the GL63 AMG or ML63 AMG SUVs, with identical results. A new sports exhaust and an add-on engine computer boost the 5.5-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine to 611 hp and 604 lb-ft, enough to allow the ML63 hit 62 mph in 4.5 seconds and the GL63 reach the benchmark in 4.7 seconds.
Photo 22/22   |   Brabus GL63 AMG Front Three Quarter
Both cars get the Widestar treatment, increasing the width of the ML63 AMG by 2.5 inches and the GL63 AMG by 3.1 inches. The former has 22-inch wheels and latter 23-inch wheels



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