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  • Super Bowl 2014 Truck and SUV Ad Roundup

Super Bowl 2014 Truck and SUV Ad Roundup

Muppets Pack a Highlander; Chevy Gets Serious, Funny

Feb 3, 2014
As is the annual tradition, this years' Super Bowl was arguably just as much about the commercials as it was about the game itself, and especially so if you were a fan of the Denver Broncos. Automotive ads were a big part of this years' lineup, and of those, there were a handful that focused on trucks and SUVs.
Last year, Chrysler's Ram brand made a big impact with the simple, yet powerful "Farmer" spot, which is still talked about within the industry. None of this years' spots seemed to have the same level of impact as that, especially not among the trucks and SUV featured, but a few were good for a few chuckles.
Chevrolet Silverado "Life"
Chevy's "Life" spot featuring the Silverado 1500 was a quiet, touching tribute to Chevrolet's support of the American Cancer Society, and a reminder of World Cancer Day this week. It featured a woman presumably undergoing treatment for the disease, and her husband showing his support for her through the trial -- tastefully done spot on a difficult subject.
Chevrolet Silverado HD "Romance"
Chevy's second spot during the Big Game was a little more light-hearted and humorous, but the tone isn't apparent until about 15 seconds in. Chevy has become known lately for its "A Man/Woman and his/her truck" opening lines, which have typically opened more serious, thematic spots. This spot opens the same, but a more lighthearted theme becomes apparent once the '70s favorite "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate plays, and the narrator says "Hello, ladies" when the bull is introduced to a herd of cows.
Jeep Cherokee "Restless"
This years' game was the prime-time debut for the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, which is finally rolling into showrooms in significant numbers after several months' delays to fine-tune the calibration of the nine-speed automatic transmission. The spot features a bunch of 20- and 30-somethings pursuing various outdoor activities, interspersed with driving footage of the new Cherokee. The overall theme is that of outdoor adventure. Thematically, the spot works, but we can't say it's particularly memorable.
Toyota Highlander Muppets
Toyota is making a full frontal assault on its image of being a "boring" automaker. But rather than showing a vehicle doing a smoky drift around a corner, or catching air going over a hill, it's employing the talents of the Muppets, which ambush a 2014 Highlander being driven by former NFL player Terry Crews, who initially seems alarmed by the throng of characters, but soon gets into the mood before eventually emerging next door to Kermit the Frog.



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