This past weekend we hung out a bit with the current B/DT record holder, at 177.97mph. Basically, B/DT is a class that mandates a stock body, with whatever you want in the engine department as long as it runs on diesel fuel. In this case, a large 80mm Garrett single turbo and dual fuelers help power the 6.7L Cummins to record speeds. To keep the engine in its powerband, a Valair triple-disc clutch, G56 transmission, and quickchange rearend with 2.0 gears are employed.

 Unfortunately, at El Mirage, the truck was building only 16,000psi of rail pressure...about 10,000psi short of what it needed to equal its 800rwhp dyno runs. That meant that their 149mph pass was well short of the 163mph B/DT record on the dirt. The team says they'll be back in business at next year's World Of Speed at Bonneville, where they'll try and break their own record. 

In addition to the truck's wild top speed, the team reported 27mpg at 80mph on its last street venture.