Mother’s Day is fast approaching. It can be a hard holiday to celebrate, because there’s no perfect way to say thank you to a mother. We all know that moms work hard, all day, all the time. They don’t punch in and punch out—they’re permanently clocked-in for the rest of their lives. Sometimes the best way to thank a mom is by simply acknowledging her hard work, encouraging her, and thanking her.

Believe it or not, before she immersed herself into motherhood, she had an identity that might have included a cool truck or vehicle. Ideally, she has brought this side of herself into motherhood and continues to play with trucks. Who knew moms could be so cool?

Let’s publicly acknowledge all the moms out there by compiling their cool trucks or cars and thanking them for being awesome mothers. If you have a mom or wife whose ride is killer, let’s see it. Heck, show us her ride even if it’s completely stock. Even if it’s technically “his,” if she gets behind the wheel on the regular, that counts too. The point is to acknowledge the mothers who make life happen.

Include the following information, and wait for your submission to be included in a special follow-up story on Mother’s Day. Of course, showing her the story will give you major brownie points because it shows you planned for the special day ahead of time.

Submit the following information and the high-quality picture of mom’s ride to before Sunday, May 13, 2018:

Mom’s Name:

Her vehicle’s Year/Make/Model:


Submitted by [your name and relationship]:

Special Mother’s Day note of thanks to Mom: