Hosts Sean Holman and Jay “Lightning” Tilles have been hard at work busting out episodes of The Truck Show Podcast on a weekly basis. If you’re just joining us, the first episode was released in early March, meaning this whole thing is still pretty new. If you have the time, catch up on all the shows—or just jump in and don’t worry about the past. We believe they suck less and less each week, but we’ll leave that for you to determine.

The tenth episode hit the podcast landscape yesterday, and as usual, Holman and Lightning have a good time talking all-things trucks. Spy photographers are an important part of the truck industry, and you’ll hear an insider story of how spy photography affected the fate of the Ford Raptor. The guys also explore the importance of sway bars with Hellwig Products and laugh a little at the expense of a well-meaning announcer at the Ultimate Callout Challenge.

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Next time, we announce a sponsor that has jumped on board to support The Truck Show Podcast.