Episode 9 of The Truck Show Podcast is available for your listening pleasure, and we’re proud to call it our very first Dieselisode! (Get it—diesel episode. Good one, right?) Podcast hosts Sean Holman and Jay “Lightning” Tilles have Diesel Power magazine Editor-in-Chief KJ Jones in the studio to chat about the latest diesel industry trends and to talk to guests from Ford Motor Company and Cummins. Dave Ives from Ford gives us the inside scoop on the new 3.0L Power Stroke, and Steve Sanders from Cummins joins us to discuss all things diesel and to share his thoughts on the Great DPF Delete Debate. We also chat about Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s stint with a Ford Raptor at Nϋrburgring. It’s all good stuff, aimed to make you think, laugh out loud, and forget about all your troubles.

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