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  • April Fool's Day: The Best Jokes and Pranks from the Truck World

April Fool's Day: The Best Jokes and Pranks from the Truck World

Apr 1, 2019
Ah, April Fool’s Day, when we get out of bed with a dose of skepticism that’s much larger than usual, constantly looking over our shoulders for would-be pranksters and not believing a word we hear online. (We can't complain, we've gotten in on the game before.)
But what makes this year’s April Fool’s pranks from around the truck world so painful is how cool some of them actually would be, if they weren’t blatant falsehoods. So follow along as we highlight some of our favorites.

Quadratec: Jeep Announces Plans For Two-Door Jeep Gladiator Truck

This is one of those that hurt. Today, Quadratec’s blog features a big ol’ photo of a short-wheelbase Jeep Gladiator with two doors and a single row of seats, turning the awesome, but looooooong, Gladiator pickup into a nippy little off-roader with a removable roof and some storage behind the front seats. Unfortunately for us, single-cab pickups don’t really sell very well, so we doubt Jeep will feel very inspired by this joke to make it a real thing.

Warn: The Warn ZEON 100 Winch

What makes Warn’s joke-laden ZEON 100 winch most hilarious, apart from its silly 100,000-pound rating, is the ridiculous photo attached to the company’s Facebook post. The massive winch takes up the entirety of the Photoshopped Jeep’s front end. While some of the more gullible people in the world fell for the joke, most of the comments on the photo double-down on it, with folks saying the massive winch would be perfect for their Volkswagen Beetle Baja build or Suzuki Samurai.
Photo 2/7   |   April Fools Warn Zeon 100

Honda Pastport

Do you love your 2019 Honda two-row SUV but wish it had a cassette player, velour upholstery, and a mounting location for your beeper? Honda’s marketing department has you covered with the 2019 Pastport ‘90s nostalgia special, which boasts the same styling as the current Pilot-based model but features an interior that looks suspiciously close (read: identical) to the second-generation Passport, sold from 1997-2002 and based on the Isuzu Rodeo. Call the 1-800 number in the ad for a special message from another 90s darling, Fred Savage (who currently does voice-over work for Honda’s advertising and marketing materials).

Toyota Yaris Adventure

Pickups and crossovers are the nation’s bestselling vehicles right now, so why shouldn’t Toyota’s smallest new car get in on the action? That’s the schtick behind the Toyota Yaris Adventure, which is based on the Yaris sedan but jettisons that vehicle’s rear seat and trunk for an open bed area. Toyota’s press materials are too outrageous to be believable, saying the Yaris Adventure is rugged enough to escape the city, but only via a highway. It’s always fun to see an automaker poke some good-natured fun at itself.
Photo 3/7   |   April Fools 2020 Toyota Yaris Adventure

Banks Power Trademarks the Color Red

Banks Power, on the other hand, is poking fun at someone else with its April Fool’s prank: “It’s Official… Banks owns red!” The move, of course, hearkens back to the snafu that diesel performance rival Sinister Diesel got itself into when it trademarked its logo’s shade of blue and sent a letter to a small diesel shop accusing it of “deceptive trade practice” by powdercoating some of its products a similar blue.
Banks’ newsletter today featured a few fun news items (Banks to Help NASA Get to the Moon, 2020 Banks Sidewinders Available), but it’s the trademark joke that made us laugh out loud. That Banks Sidewinder, by the way, is only available in Banks TM Red. Brilliant.
Photo 4/7   |   April Fools Banks Trademark Red

Autocar India: The All-New 2019 Jeep Sedan

The day Jeep builds a four-door sedan is the day we retire from this profession, because that’s the day that fun and joy and excitement die. That said, we almost fell for this one from Autocar India, which marries the front end of a 2019 Cherokee with the bodywork of the Chrysler 300. Part of the joke’s effectiveness is how good the thing looks, surprisingly. The photo elicited both laughs and “not bad” reactions from everyone in our morning staff meeting.
Photo 5/7   |   April Fools 2019 Jeep Sedan

XDP: Nitrous Assist Backpack System

Sketchy ghetto-fogging is a thing of the past thanks to XDP’s new backpack-mounted Nitrous Assist system. The company’s April Fool’s prank is another one that had us literally laughing out loud, not in the least because of the convincingly produced commercial, complete with VHS tape–quality fidelity.

Yeti Falcon

Is your neighborhood littered with those pay-per-mile sharable electric scooters? Are you searching for a stupid-looking way to ferry your fancy rotomolded cooler around the parking lot on tailgate day? Yeti has your answer with the Falcon two-wheeled rugged scooter, “built for the wild, not the mild.” Watch the whole video, but be sure to pay attention at 5:54 for maximum scooter mayhem.

Hot Wheels: Not Wheels

In the future, vehicles won’t have wheels anymore, at least according to Hot Wheels’ Instagram account. Keen to cash in, the company will now produce diecast toys sans the rollers, called “Not Wheels.” For the first time ever, Hot Wheels has created a product we’ll pass on every time we’re at the grocery store and we see them on sale for 98 cents.
Photo 6/7   |   April Fools Hot Wheels Not

BONUS: The Poly Performance UTV Camper

I mean really. A top-heavy, teensy little camper on an already unstable UTV? You'd have to be a moron to believe this one was real. And browsing the comments on Poly Performance's Facebook page, we're relieved to see no one else fell for it either. Faith in humanity restored.
Photo 7/7   |   April Fools Poly Performance Utv Camper