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Stream Top Gear on the MotorTrend App: Top of the Heap, Govnnah!

Verne Loves Top Gear

Jan 10, 2020
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Photo 2/8   |   01 Top Gear Reliant Robin Rollover
Ahh, the Brits! Well known for their musical aptitude (Beatles, U2, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Adel, Eric Clapton, Freddie Mercury, the other Elvis, and more), their ability to colonize just about any land, and a generous sense of wit and dry humor. Brits are like Americans, only different. Separated by a common language and grouped by a strong love of some very different cars. The folks from Great Briton do a few things very well and despite that continue to do other things with their general lack of acumen and a cup full of meh. Take, for example, their cooking, which is definitely not at the level of other European gastronomy. The Brits gave us bangers and mash while the Italian created pizza, lasagna, bolognaise, and more. The French baked croissants and crepes slathered in butter and decadence. The Spaniards honed knives to cut well cured meats and salami. Sorry GB, but no one wants to eat hung game, or marmite ( wait, I like marmite with Danish butter and French bread). Most would rather demand spaghetti, fusilli, ratatouille, Cheese Danishes, German Chocolate Cake, or French fries!
When it comes to cars, well, British cars are all rubbish (except when it comes to the extremely expensive Bentley and Rolls Royce, and those are just extremely expensive), and that's coming from a guy who owns a Range Rover Classic. British cars are known in the U.S. and around the world to be dear (that's British English for expensive), needing near constant repair, and absolute top of the game when it comes to re-sale depreciation. That's not a good. Dubious wiring, head gaskets every 20,000 miles, and more. That which is British and rolls, will leak and then break down.
So ever since the fall of the Beatles, and then since U2 made Joshua Tree, the Brits haven't been at the top of the heap for darn near anything that is until a little thing called Top Gear made a splash. This is the best automotive semi-comedic near-partial-reality show there is (sorry Freiburger and Finnegan, sorry Fred Williams and Dave Chappelle). Clarkson, May, and Hammond had the world in the headlock with their dry humor, thinly vailed self-deprecation, and a general automotive malaise that is infectious.
And since Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road, the Four Wheeler Network, and The Ultimate Collection of Top Gear are all on the MotorTrend App, everything is now right with the world. So you can bet that when not writing tech for 4WOR or spinning wrenches on one of my many dubious projects, I'll be watching Top Gear. I love the jokes (that translate from English to Americish), love the cars (the ones I recognize, and those I don't), and even occasionally recognize the celebrity guests. What's not to love?
Sure, I have a few favorite episodes. Season 3, Episodes 5 and 6 (Is the Toyota Hilux Really Indestructible) are classics for anyone who likes 4x4s. Christian Hazel already mentioned one of my favorites (Season 15, Episode 1, rolling the Reliant Robin). I also love their American Muscle Car Road Trip (Season 12, Episode 2) in which they get a flavor of true American car culture. As you know, I also love anything off-road, from driving on glaciers (also Season 15, Episode 1), to The Patagonia, Part 1 (Top Gear Specials, Season 1, Episode 13) where the guys do some rad wheeling in completely ill-equipped V-8 cars. I'm also a fan of their Special Season trips across Bolivia that Ken Brubaker mentioned (Top Gear Specials, Season 1, Episode 3) and any of their international explorations like the Africa Special, Part 1 (Top Gear Specials, Season 1, Episode 6).
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